A Cat? Where? o.O

My favorite day of the week! Monday! First I’d like to clear up a little concern. If you have seen the last video blog, (see previous post or the video “Amateur Sleuth Blog: The Deadly Device Characters” on our YouTube Channel) then you might remember the part near the beginning where I say that I will not give away any spoilers, and point at my notebook saying “This is the culprit!”. In fact, I had written every character’s name from on our Character Profiles page in small letters. The big letters spell out “Sonny Joon”.

I was pointing to Sonny Joon, as a joke, because we would not mention the culprit for real. Especially if the culprit was not even in the game, which wouldn’t be fair. XD Sorry, Sonny Joon isn’t in this game! 🙁 Sad news.

What is in the game is this image of a cat…and if you figured out the weekend puzzle by finding all of the bold, italicized letters, it would spell out [Shrodinger’s Cat], of which the “O” is technically supposed to be an “ö”.

~Isn’t he cute?! ~

Your mission is to find where this sketch is in The Deadly Device…just as a fun scavenger hunt for you. 🙂 There are no rewards for finding this, just the current satisfaction of getting to know that some of our real doodles do make it into the game, and that you got to see this picture early.

Also, Happy Birthday, Samuel!!


~Little Jackalope~


6 responses to “A Cat? Where? o.O”

  1. Haha, Sonny the culprit!:D
    Ooo! Ill be on the look out for it!:D

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL! I have to watch your vlof over to see Sonny! who’s Shrodinger?? I tryed to have my Dad help me with whe puzzle thinkg it was an anagram. The long name threw us off I guess!

    From me,

  3. Teagpow says:

    My Dad and Me Tried To Figer It Out Long Name too!

  4. ComicalCrafty says:

    I love Schroedinger’s Cat! I can’t wait to see what the theory has to do with the Deadly Device!

    To answer Anonymous’s question, (and don’t quote me on this because I’m no expert!!) Schroedinger’s Cat (assuming I’m even spelling it right) is a theory of some sort demonstrating the concept of parallel universes and alternate realities. The basic premise is to imagine a theoretical situation where a cat would be in a box with a (coincidentally) deadly device.

    According to the theory, there’s a 50% chance that the Deadly Device went off inside the box (we can’t see it) and a 50% chance that it didn’t, and the cat survived. (Yay!) So there are two possible outcomes, and one can see the cat as half alive and half dead. From the science fiction perspective, there could be two alternate realities (like in Star Trek), one where the cat had been DED’ed, and one where the DED didn’t even go off, and the cat is still alive in the box.

    There’s a lot more to the theory, but I’m not even sure if that made much sense, LOL. If this comment is approved, feel free to correct me, anybody!

    As for who Schroedinger is/was, I’m not even sure…

  5. Allie-oop says:

    Thank you soo much. My dad is gonna love this. I’m trying to get him to come over today so I can give him a printed copy. 😀
    You’re awesome, Jackalope.

  6. ND's #1 fan says:

    I found it!!! In the security booth, on Gray’s whiteboard.

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