Weekend Puzzle #175

Hey howdy hey! Happy Friday! Today was a rather busy day for us, but I’m going to save the announcement for Monday’s post. In the meantime, if you explore around our site, you might be able to learn what this is. 😉

Instead of a puzzle this weekend, how about a little trivia? I want to see how well you’ll do with this different style…and how well you remember these little things…

What phrase am I thinking about? Find the answer for these below to figure it out:

1. An Office Aid for Mystery Cruises in Miami.
2. Vervets require a little guidance.
3. The Hurricane came this way.
4. Set your sights on the Cathedral in the Clouds.
5. Notes in the air passage really count before you suffocate.
6. What’s written on the wall in the passage between a wardrobe and a clothes rack.

I’m guessing for many of you, this is a piece of cake, but good luck sleuths!


Stay tuned for all the excitement next week!
~Little Jackalope~ 

2 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #175”

  1. Ah! I love the new stuff!:D 😀 I see there are still no iPod touch cases:(
    Another reason why I want an iPhone, you guys have awesome cases!
    Was that your iPhone in the video where you talked about the DED characters? Do you have a case for it?:D

  2. Oh! Happy birthday Lizzy!!:D Hope it was great!

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