Playing Beta: The Deadly Device

Perhaps you’ve heard the word “Beta” come up here and there. Let me explain what Beta here is, in a nutshell:

Beta is a goal in our game-making process where all important logic, art, puzzles, animations, and conversations (convos as we abbreviate) are mostly done, and the game is at least playable. At this point, the office members and several testers give it a try.

There may be a few cool animations missing, some art might be missing or will be revised later, some bonus extras have not been made yet (like the preview trailer to the next game, or say the cell phone games, some idle chit-chat in conversations have not been added, and there may be several “bugs” still left in.

It’s a big milestone, but there is still plenty of work to be done and things needing polishing. Yesterday and today I have been playing through The Deadly Device…on Master Level, since I like the challenge.

I do believe that we have a meeting soon to discuss the testing results. I’m looking forward to hearing every one’s opinions here in the office!

One last but not least note: Happy belated 10th birthday, Jessica!!

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Playing Beta: The Deadly Device”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am definitely looking forward to The Deadly Device! Can’t wait to hear more about it soon!

    On the Jackalope picture mystery, did you take the picture out and look at the back of it? Maybe it holds a clue to your egg mystery or something!

    – C.

  2. SherlockSleuth9 says:

    Sounds awesome!

    I can’t wait to play this game!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it fun working through the not-so-finished games? I think it sound cool.

    From me,

  4. Super excited for DED! I hope this means the box art is coming soon:) here y’all are playing DED and we don’t even have the box art! Haha, not very fair;) jk! Can I take a guess and say the pre-order date might be September 27th? I noticed the paper in the trailer said Sep 27th, Telsa created earthquakes on Sep 27th of I remember correctly, and it is the 27th game. Just a thought 🙂 Happy birthday Jessica!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait to play DED. 😀

    LJ, I’ve been wondering, what is your favorite ND game?

  6. Olive Martin says:

    I have a question! Why did you guys change the beginning of the game where you start? like in Tomb of the Lost Queen, thee game didn’t start in Nancy’s room at her desk! Why is that? will the beginning of this game be the same? Please answer!


  7. samantha says:

    That’s not fare you get to play deadly devise !! 🙁
    Well you do work there! When is the deadly devise game coming??

  8. @- C — I knew exactly who left my jackalope picture, because I left a trap, and caught him. As for the Egg culprits…I would have to wait for them to strike again to catch them in my new trap…mwahaha!

    @Silvertongue — It is fun, but it is more fun watching how the game started from nothing and slowly becomes something greater. It’s really exciting to see the finished product, too. AH! It’s all very exciting I can’t contain it!

    @Future HeR Animator — Good guess, but not correct. Try again!

    @Olive — When we changed the User Interface (UI) in Tomb of the Lost Queen, we changed how the game started out. The Deadly Devise will start at the main menu, then Nancy will begin her case at the site.

    @samantha — We will be announcing the release dates soon! (~.^)

  9. COOL!

    jw, do people email you telling them when their birthday is? Mine is the third, and I was wondering if you could do my birthday, too. I LOVE how you do that, and think it really involves the fans. =D

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

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