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Ice Cream Moments

We shared this Nancy Drew moment the other day: Is it just me, or do you all like to try (as Nancy) every single flavor and food item that is available to you in the games? Sometimes there are rewards for you if you do… like in Alibi in Ashes. Where other games, it can […]

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Sharpening Your Spy Skills

Some of you like to “game marathon” before the next mystery is released, which I find really fun. I have recommended a few titles to reply (in case you had decided not to replay ALL of them) but I wanted to narrow down the “why” part of the titles I selected. There are elements of […]

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Nancy’s House in SPY

(Hey all! I was out yesterday, therefore no post was made).As for today, we posted this fun Nancy Drew moment: This scene was shown in the SPY Trailer a few times, meaning it will be shown, of course, in the game. What did you think of Nancy’s home? You got to explore it a bit […]

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Early Puzzles from the Archive

I was digging through my really old photos I took from over a year ago. These were from Ghost of Thornton Hall, and they are the early design sketches for some puzzles. Although these have been changed a bit since the early design, can you identify them from the game? As for the weekend puzzle, […]

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Interview with Stuart + Weekend Puzzle #205

We interviewed our CEO Stuart! Watch his video here: Now that you have heard from Stuart, what specific things do you wish to see happen for Nancy Drew in the future? I know I’d certainly like to be able to play a Nancy Drew game on a tablet…! Weekend puzzle! Let’s see if your skills […]

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Gelato and Tea

Do I talk about food too much? Perhaps. But food can be quite an adventure! Especially when trying new things. In Ghost of Thornton Hall, you have the option to make tea. In the parlor, by the door, is an old-fashioned tea set where you can pour yourself a cup of tea and if you’d […]

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Rated E for Everyone

If you have looked carefully at the box art for Ghost of Thornton Hall, you may have noticed that the game has been rated “E for Everyone” (and with “Mild Violence”). I have noticed that a few message board members brought up the question “Why is it rated E and not E10+ since we (Her […]

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Nancy’s Wardrobe

Over the weekend I impersonated a spy….or someone…stole a sapphire and bugged a pigeon. As in fed the pigeon a tracking device. If you guessed correctly, you’d know I’ve been playing The Phantom of Venice. The game, as well as some projects I’ve been working along with some snooping through art files here in the […]

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More Eggs = Fan Art!

One of our fans, Isabel sent in some great pictures of her work over the course of this year. She’s been hollowing out eggs and decorating them, one just like the egg in Alibi in Ashes, the other from my silly Sonny Joon drawing a while back. And her egg looks far better than mine, […]

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Real Game Content

Although the Nancy Drew games feature fictional characters, fictional stories, instances, fictional brands and such, a lot of the game content is derived from real world… stuff. Some history and actual facts are indeed real: Marie Antoinette, Harry Houdini, ohm resistors, shanghaied sailors etc. Or they were real… or had existed at one time. Some […]

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