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Over the weekend I impersonated a spy….or someone…stole a sapphire and bugged a pigeon. As in fed the pigeon a tracking device. If you guessed correctly, you’d know I’ve been playing The Phantom of Venice.

The game, as well as some projects I’ve been working along with some snooping through art files here in the office led me to ponder Nancy’s wardrobe. At times we see her clothes in an old suitcase, or hear what she’s wearing (like her flouncy dress in Secret of the Old Clock) and a few times we also get to dress her up, like in VEN.

Here’s my question for you: what sort of outfit do you imagine Nancy wearing regularly? Does it vary from game to game (or book to book)? Do you prefer she wear a 1940s dress or a plaid skirt or khaki pants with a lovely blouse? Is she a sneakers kind of girl, or does she wear ballet flats? I’d love to hear your comments!

Ah yes, the weekend puzzle… From the looks of it, many of you were able to figure out this drop-quote puzzle that can be found in The Captive Curse or Alibi in Ashes. But it appears that the second part of the puzzle (the numbers below) may have stumped a few of you. Here’s the solution: [It’s an Ottendorf, or better known, a book cipher]. Here’s the jist of it all: figure out by process of elimination what letters above are to be dropped down into the empty spaces to create full sentences. The cipher below works like this: [count the line, then the word, then the letter in that word]. Once you complete your deciphering, the end answer should be [Look above door]. A reference to something specific in Ghost of Thornton Hall.

~Little Jackalope~

13 responses to “Nancy’s Wardrobe”

  1. ” You want me to feed a tracking device that self destructs to a pigeon?” Love that quote!:D
    I always wondered how other people pictured Nancy’s wardrobe. It depends, most of the time I picture her in a dress, or skirt and blouse. But in some games, like SAW (for some reason) I picture her dressed as a modern teen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1.In answer to your poll,my favorite phone friend is 100%
    NED <3 (:
    2.I LOVED your interview with Tim,it was great!Buuuut…….the question is….
    CAN I HANDLE SCARY-NESS OF THIS LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????
    3.In answer to your post-> I really don’t think that Nancy would wear ONLY pants or ONLY dresses/skirts.I think that she would wear all of the above BUT i also think that what she would wear preppy-style clothes that don’t show tooo much of..herself,which means NO mini-skirts NO short shorts…..
    AND i also think that at some times she might wear sneakers but it seems as if she wears more heels and flats because…..its not the 3o’s anymore Nancy.Oh and i dont’t think she wears ponytails toooooooooo often.

  3. Sheesh4 says:

    Jeans, a blouse, and ballet flats.

  4. Katie says:

    I always picture her like book number two reveals her. The Hidden Staircase. I guess that’s because I got my first impression on her with that cover, and even though nobody wears those clothes anymore, I still see her as that. Especially the hair! The clothes vary, but the hair sticks in my mind!

  5. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    I always picture Nancy in a different outfit depending on the game… in some of the older games I see her wearing old 40s clothes like a dress but in the newer games like Alibi in Ashes I see her wearing jeans and a top. It really depends on the game.

  6. I always pictured Nancy as more of a sneakers kind of girl. Ballet flats don’t give much support…. 🙂 But sneakers, a 1930s hat and a plaid skirt? Well, nobody said Nancy was supposed to be a fashionista!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE for
    Nancy to be wearing
    dresses! But if Nancy
    is gonna be in tunnels
    or walking through a
    swamp or somthing I think
    she should be wearing
    jeans and a cute blouse!
    I also think that Nancy is the “sneakers” kind of
    girl because she cant go
    chasing the “Bad Guys” in sandels!!! Are we gonna
    see Nancy’s face in GTH????

  8. Kelly Anne says:

    I actually did a whole series about Nancy’s fashion on my (now defunct) blog back in 2010. Since I grew up reading about Nancy in dresses, heels, and gloves (and climbing through windows and snooping in attics despite them), I suppose I have a mental image of Nancy being a little dressier than your average teen. I think of her as a sweater girl, with pressed jeans or fitted trousers, and in Oxfords, loafers, or a sensible heel. (Here’s the link to the Nancy-in-the-Now post I did back then:

  9. ShadowRoxz! says:

    Hi little jackalope i always imagine nancy to were a
    t-shirt,pants/shorts if it summer and tenashoes for all her cases
    (ps if you read my other post does it sound like a cool game?)
    -em AKA:ShadowRoxz!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The puzzle stumped me. i’m still working on the deciphering skills. Ottendorf is one of my favs because it ws in my favorite movie.

    Ok,I picture Nancy as a tweed skirt nice cotton blouse kinda girl. She’d like flats but usualy goes with comfortable low vintage heals. She only wears jeans and sneakers when nessecary(like in the Shadow Ranch Book)

    From me,

  11. Since I try to dress in ND style most of the time, I have a bit to comment about on this post…
    In my mind, Nancy wears really preppy, practical, and comfortable clothes. Clearly, they must be sleuth-worthy. While snooping, jeans are probably out of the question since they make so much noise when you walk. Khaki pants or kapris work much better in that aspect. Shirts seem like they would have to fit the environment (cold->long sleeves; — warm/hot->blouse or t-shirt). Footwear would have to be functional-six inch heels wouldn’t get Nancy very far in Paris or walking around bogs in Ireland. Sneakers or ballet flats (or penny loafers!!) are much better.
    Thanks for listening-er, in this case, reading!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I imagine Nancy to dress as she did in the original yellow hardcover books; flouncy dresses, little gloves, flats or kitten heels and hats. Maybe we all imagine her to dress the way we would dress if we were Nancy, and that’s the way I dress almost every day.
    Never goes out of style ^.^

  13. Poka says:

    Hi, Nancy’s outfit varies from time to time. To me i think Nancy should wear skinny jeens and those all star sneakers, with a random t-shirt. like a regular person you might see. Her hair style is a redish-brown, that stuck since Warnings at Waverly Academy. Nancy, is a very pretty girl, that wears little to no make-up. she is tall and flexible and sometimes wears short shorts or mini-skirts. I should stop, otherwise, it would take you a year to finish this comment 🙂 Bye!!

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