Early Puzzles from the Archive

I was digging through my really old photos I took from over a year ago. These were from Ghost of Thornton Hall, and they are the early design sketches for some puzzles. Although these have been changed a bit since the early design, can you identify them from the game?

As for the weekend puzzle, looks like several of you were easily able to pick up this Drop Quote puzzle and solve it with ease! (Drop Quote can be found in The Captive Curse and Alibi in Ashes, as well as potentially coming back in future games!)

Here’s the solution:
(Click on the image for a larger view).

Also, we have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Early Puzzles from the Archive”

  1. William D says:

    It’s the notebook puzzle, the locket puzzle, and the generator puzzle 🙂 my favorite one(s) in that game were the generator puzzle, the stain glass window, and the bottle puzzle.

  2. Nadi says:

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  3. Nadi says:

    Terrific! A Nancy Drew game blog! I’m more of a Hardy Boys girl myself (I would normally go into a long, obviously unwanted explanation for this, but as it’s unwanted, I’ll just leave well enough alone), but still, I love the games! Unfortunately, I’ve only ever played one (and I didn’t even finish that one; on top of everything, I lost the disk while moving), watched a friend of my play one, and that’s it… I’m hoping to buy some of the games at the end of this year… Fingers crossed and all…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t that quote from the new game trailer? I still haven’t played GHT.

    From me,

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can’t remember where the first puzzle was, but I believe the second was the locket, and the third was the ball bearing “maze” to light the tunnel.

    Also, could you do a birthday shoutout on Thursday, August 1st for my friend Amanda? She’s turning 16.


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