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Although the Nancy Drew games feature fictional characters, fictional stories, instances, fictional brands and such, a lot of the game content is derived from real world… stuff. Some history and actual facts are indeed real: Marie Antoinette, Harry Houdini, ohm resistors, shanghaied sailors etc. Or they were real… or had existed at one time.

Some things you just might be lucky to find out there in the real world. Like tornadoes, or shorthand stenography or even better, these things a few fans found here:

That’s right! Jackalopes live on, not just here in the Her office:

Thanks to Madison for sharing this photo!

And check out Molly’s real snowflake ice cube that she made with her sister! Looks like she pulled it directly out of Alibi in Ashes, no? XD

I’m pretty excited that we will be featuring another real, historical person in our next game. 😉

Weekend puzzle answer! If you’ve seen our latest postings, then the answer will be familiar.
The letters represent the colors, and the numbers represent the level of that color in the web. (S = Silver). 1 = the level closest to the spider (the inner-most level) and the 3 is the outer-most level. After doing the math requested, you should get: [office tour videos]. Referring to Phoenix’s uploads to YouTube.

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Real Game Content”

  1. That’s one thing i LOVE about these games, you guys take real things and put them in a fictional place. I love being able to learn while I play. Most of the time I don’t know I’m learning 🙂
    Those are awesome fan photos! I;d seriously like to go see the Jackalope sign for myself.
    *Adding to bucket list*

  2. Hi Little Jackalope, I’m a big fan of your blog and of Nancy Drew! Today 20th June is my birthday would you mind if you gave me a Happy Birthday shout-out for Natasha in England. I turned 16 today! Yay! Love you guys at her interactive. 😀 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the vlogs,and love your office.I like the two pics you put on here.Where was the Jackalope picture taken I think I heard about who was gonna be in the next game but I haven’t watched the video.I won’t until I play TMB.

    From me,

  4. Hannah says:

    Cool photo there of the Jackalope sign, I wish you could have shared with us wher the picture was taken. Looks like a very hot and dry place. Has somebody shot holes in the sign is that what all those circles are? Or have you put those white circles there to block out a name so we could pinpoint the location??

    That is the prettiest ice cube I’ve ever seen! That snow flake ice cube puts Toni’s to shame!!

    I can’t wait to see who the next historical person is! I’m forcing myself not to see the trailer on You Tube, because my brothers and I haven’t had the time to finish TMB yet. 🙁

    Until next time!
    -Hannah (Drew Detective)

  5. The Jackalope sign picture was taken [by me] somewhere near the NM-CO border, just along the side of the road somewhere.:P

    I think it was a bilboard for some sort of shopping/grocery center nearby of that name. ^_^ You can probably google it to find out more information. =)

  6. Anonymous says:

    you forgot about in blackmore manor: the lonest day of the year is solsteatium, the summer solstus. the shortest day is bruma, the winter solstus. aquanetium vernum is the spring equinox. aquanitium atumnalas is the fall equinox. ~said by lulu

    ~GJ fan

  7. @Future HeR Animator — Nice computer background!! I too, have ND#27 art on my computer: it’s a reaaaaaally cool environemt I’ve set as my wallpaper. I stole a copy from the artist’s files while snooping. >.<

    ~GJ fan — You are so right! I did forget the summer solstice was yesterday! Will have to mention that now… thanks!

  8. Anonymous says:

    How did they share the photos? Through facebook? Anyways, love the pictures! Especially the ice cube one. So cute!

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