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99 Problems…

Happy Friday! (I was out sick yesterday, so no Thursday post.) In case you missed it, Geek Wire wrote an article about Codes & Clues with an interview with Penny here! Since I don’t have a weekend puzzle for you today, I hope you will equally enjoy this meme from Ghost of Thornton Hall…even though […]

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Codes & Clues News!

Ok, here’s what we’ve been working on these past several months, but didn’t share with you the details since we were working on them. Now we have a few bits and pieces to share! Read the official press release here and check out the official product page with screenshots here! I’ve re-embedded the video teaser […]

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App News!

Hey all! Looks like you solved the weekend puzzle (tricky one, eh? *cue genius laughter*). The solution is [New updates to come next week] which refers to today! Here’s the news: Read the full letter here! Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and come back this week for more info. 😉 -Little Jackalope

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Computer Science Week!

We shared this meme from The Haunting of Castle Malloy over the weekend: If Nancy added titles and skills from all her past cases to a resume, it would look crazy! Nancy has been so many things! Fashion designer, the bomb squad, ghost hunter, mechanic, plumber, archaeologist, spy, forensic scientist, programmer, electrician, cowgirl, mail deliverer, […]

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Clue Thieves (And Weekend Puzzle #293)

Happy Friday! Our animated Nancy Drew moment is from Warnings at Waverly Academy. Were you frustrated when Casper stole your clue? I was… I didn’t want to climb that tree… Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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Treasure Hunt: Relics in Dirt

Remember that first time you played The Secret of Shadow Ranch? There was this fun puzzle (at least I thought so) where you must collect several arrowheads that were loosely hidden in the dirt on the ground. There was always that ONE that I could never find… does this sound familiar to you? Haha, this […]

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A Nancy Drew Adventure

Ok, so it wasn’t really a full-on adventure that I had, but I did take a walk during a lunch break and came across this building. It looked very mysterious and looked like a setting for a Nancy Drew environment, so I had to take some pictures. This was a courtyard for the building, like […]

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Christmas Countdown!

Today is December, and we are starting the Christmas countdown. The first features The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Which Nancy Drew games are on your Christmas wish list? Perhaps some Nancy Drew T-shirts? In case you were hoping to order the physical games, be sure you order in time for Christmas! Here are the shipping […]

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