iOS9 – Ghost of Thornton Hall

Unfortunately, with the latest update to iOS9 we have had reports of sound issues and fast conversation with the Ghost of Thornton Hall app. We have reported this to the developers and they are working to fix the issue. We do not yet know when this will be fixed; we have been advised that they are close, and hope to have the fix very soon.



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6 responses to “iOS9 – Ghost of Thornton Hall”

  1. Gail Anderson says:

    If appears to have been fixed, however the app is asking me to pay again, I have been in touch with apple support who have asked me to contact you. This is the second time I have emailed you regarding this issue and I would like a reply please. I have paid once, Apple don’t see why I have to pay again and when the app is restored, it still asks me to pay.

  2. Emily Trumps says:

    I’ve just installed the Catalina software on my MacBook. I just got a MacBook download version of Ghost at Thornton Hall, and every time I try to download onto my Macbook Air the startup screen will either not even pull up onto my screen, or it pulls up onto my screen with cancellation icon on the install button.

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