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Pick Your Difficulty

Are you an Amateur Sleuth, or a Master Sleuth? I appreciate the extended task list and hint system for Amateur Sleuth, but I often prefer the challenge of Master Sleuth. Since I have been playing Nancy Drew games since 2000, I consider myself a pro. I LOVE a good challenge, and the Master Sleuth mode […]

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Gift Shop Item: Mug

Check it out! If you have played Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness, and seen the items in the gift shop by Soren, then you’ll probably recognize this mug: This same mug is available in our merchandise store! All you need to do is pick the mug, then look through the Sea of Darkness image library […]

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Dinghy Motor Fix

Many players have become stuck on fixing the motor on the dinghy. There is no glitch in the activity, but if you have any issues with the rest of the game, please contact us at and we can help. Below is the explanation of how to solve the puzzle, without giving away the solution. […]

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New Intern: Ellie! (And Weekend Puzzle #278)

We shared one our favorite lines today from The Silent Spy… it’s too funny. XD Guess what? We have a new summer intern: Ellie! She will be sharing videos with you each Friday this summer! We have another birthday to celebrate this weekend! And here’s your weekend puzzle. Enjoy! Solve this code: Clues: Moon is […]

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TBT – Meeting the Hardys

Today’s awesome Throwback Thursday moment is from when we met Frank and Joe Hardy for the first time in person. This was in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Do you remember your first time meeting them? What did you think? In case you haven’t played this game, we have the digital copy on sale […]

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Summer Gaming

Sometimes it it just too hot to stay outside. Sometimes, an air conditioned room is a healthy option from potentially getting sun-sick. It is in those times that I would recommend playing a nice, quiet Nancy Drew game. Here’s the question we are curious to hear your answer to: Which Nancy Drew games are best […]

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Reviewing Lilac Inn

Have you reviewed any Nancy Drew books? Or perhaps a game? Have you done so in a video and posted it? (I think that would be awesome if you did!) Keri at Paste Magazine reviewed The Mystery at Lilac Inn in a video. Check it out here! -Little Jackalope

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National Best Friends Day

I didn’t realize until late today that it was National Best Friends day. How awesome of a random day is that? Ok, so tell me about your best friend! Bess and George (shown above) are Nancy’s best friends. They stick with her through the good times and the tough times, and they are always available […]

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Healthy Fundaes (And Weekend Puzzle #277)

Happy Friday, sleuths! I’ve been playing The Haunted Carousel lately and was inspired to make this meme, ’cause I have a ridiculous sense of humor. XD There’s nothing wrong with a Fundae, by the way. Actually, it’s a good boost for the case, and in this picture, relevant to solving the mystery. 😉 Here’s your […]

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Flying with a Jet Pack

Today’s Throwback Thursday features The Haunting of Castle Malloy. One of the most crazy moments in my memories from playing Nancy Drew games was this moment: just flying around the castle grounds in nothing other than your classic… vintage… Irish jet pack. Because why not? Jet packs are cool! Can you imagine having a conversation […]

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