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Fan Art: Sketches

Check this out! A fan on Twitter, Vanessa D. shared with us her amazing drawing of Ryan Kilpatrick from Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device. What do you think? I’m inspired. I want to get out my own pencils and start sketching again… because this is so great! If you have any fan art you would […]

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The Top Games

Guess which game was ranked on the top ten Mac games to play from May? Sea of Darkness! Check this out: While this list is for Mac games, I was thinking of how the Nancy Drew games rank. If you were to put together a “top ten” list for Nancy drew games, what would that […]

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“Kandy” in Nancy’s World

Hey all! I’m back from my vacation. Today’s fun question for you is this: What candy treat from the Nancy Drew universe would you like to see in real life? We were just curious what everyone’s favorite was. (Will you stick to a classic vote for KoKo Kringles? Or would you pick something like Koko […]

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