Talk of Chocolate! (And Weekend Puzzle #266)

Here’s the video I worked on, just talking about one of the best topics in the Nancy Drew universe: KoKo Kringles!

And here’s your weekend puzzle:


-Little Jackalope

17 responses to “Talk of Chocolate! (And Weekend Puzzle #266)”

  1. Ruukoto says:

    Repeating comment on original video:
    Please tell me they look like this this time:
    instead of like this:
    Please, for the love of Sonny Joon! Let them be the newer design! >_<
    Repetition complete.
    Now analyzing puzzle:
    One week remainging
    Alert, extraneous g detected…

    What could this mean?

  2. NANCYGEEK says:

    Yippee!!!!! I put my order in about a week ago, and I’m SUPER excited to get my Koko Kringle!!!!!! Also question: Could I get a Birthday shout-out on the 23 of this month? I’m Cambria, I’m going to be turning 14, and i really like Danger By Design. 😉

  3. Dana says:

    Hi, I think you made a spelling error in the last word in your puzzle, there is an extra “g”.

  4. Connie says:

    Awww Bess. That was adaroble!

  5. Sarah says:

    LJ, can you tell me what the song that plays at the end of this video is called? I recognized the earlier music from SSH but I can’t recall ever hearing the ending music in a game. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Leah says:

    Kinda random but, I was watching a mystery show where the guy is being followed, my first reaction was, “Why not have this on an ND game?” Now of course i haven’t played all the games so u may already have this, but just a suggestion for a suspenseful event! -Nancy Drew gets followed by a mysterious man…

  7. Blake says:

    I noticed the weekend puzzle and I laughed because I just started playing Danger on Deception Island today! 😉

  8. Jake Dylan says:

    One Week Remainging

  9. kyara vieira says:

    I wish Her. would just sell the Koko kringle bar

  10. Nancy fan says:

    …… And there’s your koko kringle! Haha….. i sooooooooooo wanna work here!

  11. Mya says:

    What song is at the end of the video?

  12. ND fan says:

    Hi LJ! I wanted to request something: I was wondering if you could maybe make this next weekend puzzle a lot harder, one that will take us a while to solve! I really miss the difficult weekend puzzles that we have to do research for and not the ones that we already know how to solve. Something that we can discuss on the message boards! Anyway, that’s all I wanted!
    You don’t have to make this public if you don’t want to, I just wanted to tell you that, while I do love the puzzles, I want one that is pretty difficult!

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