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Puppy Distractions

Today one of our team members brought in her new German Shepard puppy. Her name is Honey Bear since she looks like a little bear cub. SO CUTE! Needles to say, most of the office was rather distracted and thrilled with our visiting mascot today. <3 I sort of imagine Nancy’s dog, Togo, to have […]

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Packaged Koko Kringles

The KoKo Kringles have arrived at our office! Our team shared a chocolate bar to, you know… make sure it wasn’t poison or anything. 😉 In my personal opinion, it’s the exact same chocolate as before and tastes amazing! <3  (Learn more about this promotion here.) We have some fan birthdays to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Koko Kringle Production + Survey!

Hey all, sorry, I was out sick yesterday. 🙁 Today’s news: we have a new survey (it’s been a long time since we’ve asked you questions!) for you to check out. If you have a moment, please help us learn more about our favorite game players: YOU! You can find the survey here. But have […]

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Koko Kringles Are Back! (Weekend Puzzle #265)

Hooray! This is one of our big secrets for the week: we have KoKo Kringles! Learn how to get them here! I’m super excited that these are back! I wonder if I can snatch one for myself, mwahaha! Oh! And we have a couple birthdays to celebrate: Here’s your weekend puzzle: 86 105 100 101 […]

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First Valentine Cards!

Hey all! (I was out yesterday.) Since we have launched the Valentine’s Day Card contest, we have received several entries so far! I can’t even keep up with them! And it’s no wonder…with three prizes available and a KOKO KRINGLE for each winner, it’s sure to be a tempting challenge. <3 Check out these cute […]

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Valentine’s Day Card Contest!

One of the things I’ve been working on is preparing for this awesome new contest! (Learn more about this on our official contest page here). As I write this post, I’m seeing a few designs from fans already come in, and they are cute! I’m really excited to see what you all come up with. […]

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Monday Mischeif

Can’t talk long, I gotta run.  I’m working on a video project, some web page stuffs, social media things and more. I snooped through audio archive files, found a secret recording from over a year ago, and dug up some old props. I’m up to mischief… here’s a picture I tried taking in my haste… […]

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