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Cake and Boiler Rooms

Throwback Thursday! If you haven’t played Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED, we are having a sale on it today for 50% when you use promo code SCK50 at checkout. Today while our writer was in a meeting recording with Lani Minella (Nancy Drew’s voice) a few of us on the team went to one of our […]

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Being a Ghost = Part of My Job

So… I work at a game company. You might have heard of it…? It’s called Her Interactive and we make Nancy Drew games, LOL. Sometimes we have fun with our creativity… you know… really live it up. And the silliness and creativity is never-ending, because we are all nerds and artists… and nerds. Today I […]

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Sonny Key Chains

Hey all! I was out sick yesterday, so there was no post for Monday. We had recently ordered one of the prizes from our past contest, and I wanted to show you what this round key chain looks like in real life from our Merchandise store. One side features Sonny Joon, and the other features […]

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Behold! Cerberus! (And Weekend Puzzle #247)

We shared this screenshot today from Labyrinth of Lies! (Click on the image for a larger view.) Dahlia quizzed Nik and Cathy! Think you know Nancy Drew games? How does your score compare? 😉 Oh right! And here’s your weekend puzzle: @) – * – % – !* – ( – @@ – % – […]

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Lighthouse Day!

Did you make wonderful plans for this holiday? I think playing Danger on Deception Island is a great tradition to celebrate Lighthouse Day. We though it would be awesome to celebrate by having a sale on it, as well! We also wanted to share this classic memory: Do you remember your first time seeing the […]

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Nancy and Elevators

Nancy has always had the worst luck with elevators. Dahlia shows what it’s like to get into an elevator with Nancy: Here’s some good advice for you about elevators: 1. Don’t stand too long underneath an elevator floating above you (Treasure in the Royal Tower) 2. If the elevator loses power, there should always be […]

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Trivia Tuesdays

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen our Trivia Tuesday posts. How well do you think you are doing on answering these? Some of these are hard, others are easy, and yet others are “grrr…I should totally know this, and it’s on the tip of my tongue…. but….” So do […]

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Labyrinth Fan Art

Welcome back from the weekend, sleuths! We have some new fan art to share with you today. This Labyrinth of Lies image is a drawing from Emma: As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like a few detectives did indeed solve it! All you have to do is [identify what the images are, and take […]

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Nancy’s Bag + Screenshot + Weekend Puzzle #246

Dahlia posted another great video today, check it out!   Also, we shared a screenshot from Labyrinth of Lies today! Pre-orders start September 9th, but that is all we have announced so far…   Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! (Click on the image for a larger view.) We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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