Chocolate and Secrets

Hey sleuths! I just received some very important files. TOP SECRET. And so I’m diving into these today and tomorrow, pulling stuff out and preparing to show you what we are up to.
Here’s my mischievous task list: Labyrinth of Lies is looking real good! I was playing some of the puzzles today to add to the strategy guide. Also, I am currently gathering video content from the game to start forming the trailer. (!!) So excited!
On a random note, fan Izzy gave us a big stash of candy! I wonder how she knew that chocolate is the fuel we run on sometimes… haha.
As for your weekend puzzle, a few of you were successfully able to solve this drop quote puzzle. Here’s how it should look once you complete it:

We have several birthdays to celebrate today!

Birthday_Megan Birthday_Olivia Birthday_Sarah Birthday_Kelly

-Little Jackalope

17 responses to “Chocolate and Secrets”

  1. Emily says:

    Oooohhhhh! The answer is so creepy and mysterious. I like it!

  2. ND's #1 fan says:

    Haha I think everybody runs on chocolate for fuel sometimes LOL ๐Ÿ˜› And I found your secret message!! “The Cover Art this week.” Yay!!! SOOO excited!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. NANCYGEEK says:

    *GASP* does this mean the cover art is coming super soon?!?! YAYYYYYY! SUPER excited for this game, and very eager to get more info about it. Chocolate? YUM! Btw this is totally random but today i was playing TRN, and after making cheese burgers, i got off of my computer, and ate a cheese burger LOL!
    And it looks like we’ll be undercover in LIE- AWESOME! Annnnd it also looks like our cover gets blown. Whoops. XD

  4. Lisa M. says:

    Yay! Can’t wait for LIE!
    Super pumped for more clues as to what the game will be!

    Also, can I have a birthday shout out on Thursday? It’s my sweet sixteen, so it’d probably make my day!

    Little Jackalope = Awesomeness

  5. Sheesh4 says:

    Hi LJ! Maybe about a week or two ago I mentioned message board avvies for The Shattered Medallion. Are you still going to do those? (I don’t mean to add extra stuff on your list of things to do, cause I know you guys are working really hard on LIE.)

  6. Sam Powell says:

    So cool! One day I wishto visit and work at Her Interactive, (I want to be a computer game design and animation worker,or a intern like dhalia) !!
    Do you know if you will be have a background as a “weekly download” like you did for MED? Or when the cover art will be released? Or character bios? Thanks!

  7. Sheesh4 says:

    Oh also, I’m wondering… Who owns the HeR message boards? Are they a fan site or were they created by HeR?

  8. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out!!!

  9. H23 says:

    Making me hungery and excited more and more!!!!

  10. Connie says:

    Top sceret files you say? I wonder what they are

  11. Hadley says:

    That chocolate looks good! ๐Ÿ™‚ When will the trailer be up?

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