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Mysterious Figures

Check out Rachael G.’s drawing of the phantom of The Phantom of Venice!   This phantom is one of a few game characters rarely discussed, when you compare them to the main characters. This phantom is indeed one of the criminals, but you must play the game to learn more about his connections and activity. […]

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Father’s Day Weekend! (Weekend Puzzle #241)

First of all, happy Father’s Day this weekend! If you or your dad or a friend do not have The Deadly Device, now is a great time to gift this game. It’s on sale this weekend! Also, have you watched Dahlia’s new video posted today? I think it’s really cute… and there are sooooo many […]

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Teasing ND31

Spoiler alert! Before you read further, I will be talking about the next Nancy Drew game, without giving too much away. At the end of The Shattered Medallion, we teased the 31st Nancy Drew game: Labyrinth of Lies. You can watch the teaser video here on our YouTube channel: In this video, Nancy talks about […]

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Fan Illustrations in June

We’ve got some more fan art to share with you! Emily S. sent this drawing to me of a little trench coat-wearing jackalope, and below is a drawing of Charlotte from Ghost of Thornton Hall made by Rebecca S. If you have any fun art pieces or photos you would like to share with us, […]

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Recording Sessions in June

In order for our animation team to start work on character dialogue, they need the audio files of the character voices. So we must record our actors’ performances early in the process of creating our games. You may be surprised to know that all of the character’s scripts have been written and nearly all of […]

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Nancy’s Resume (2014)

A fan wrote up a sample resume for Nancy. Check it out! How would you write her resume? Obviously there are a LOT of on-the-job experiences and random skills you can add! As for the weekend puzzle… GAH! I had yet another typo in the puzzle! For future puzzles, I should have our lead tester […]

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Weekend Puzzle #240

Dahlia’s got a new video for ya! Check it out! Here’s the weekend puzzle: And lastly, we have a bunch of birthdays this weekend to celebrate! Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! -Little Jackalope

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Summer S’more Fan Photos

Hey all! I was out sick yesterday, but am much better and ready to rock today. I wanted to share some awesome fan photos we have received lately: Here are Hadley’s doodles (which include a sketch of me!): And this picture is from Larry B. who thought this car looks like one that Nancy would […]

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Embarrassing Moments

I find this Nancy Drew moment from Ransom of the Seven Ships hilarious: I can only imagine the funny conversation that could happen with someone about this… Friend: So how did your game go? Me: Well… I played against monkeys…which was interesting Friend: Monkeys? Really? Me: Yeah, I had to play them in order to […]

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Returning Game Fears

Have you experienced this Nancy Drew moment? Whenever I play a Nancy Drew game like Message in a Haunted Mansion, I usually know what’s coming next. However, I always fear entering the parlor because I haven’t quite figured out when the fire happens. Every time I pass through the door I hold my breath and […]

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