Teasing ND31

Spoiler alert! Before you read further, I will be talking about the next Nancy Drew game, without giving too much away.

At the end of The Shattered Medallion, we teased the 31st Nancy Drew game: Labyrinth of Lies. You can watch the teaser video here on our YouTube channel:

In this video, Nancy talks about the Greek myth of Persephone. You see the above-ground view of an area in Greece, but down below you see a gated underworld, ending with an up-close view of a pomegranate. There are several references to the Greek myth in this video, but instead of me pointing them out, I would recommend you to do some research and check out the full story of Persephone online or by visiting your local library! It’s history! Ancient mythology! I was taught some of this in high school…

Since this video is a “Tease” we do not reveal any characters, story, plot line, mystery, who Nancy will be interacting with, or even what Nancy will be doing surrounding the Greek myth. All of this info will come later, when we reveal the box art, the character bios, the screenshots, game description, and especially the official trailer that will tell you about the game.

For now, we will simply “tease” you. (I know, we are sooooo cruel…!)

I’m seeing many guesses, speculations and analyzing of ND31 all over the place, particularly on the message boards. It’s easy to judge a game by its cover, or by the “tease” content alone, without understanding what the game is actually about. My only hope is that the game won’t be dismissed so easily.

I am excited to get to share with your more information in the future! I have already snuck into some of the unfinished art files and saw how AWESOME it looks — and it’s not even done!

Fan moments! Here is an excellent game collection belonging to Cristyn…


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-Little Jackalope

5 responses to “Teasing ND31”

  1. Foundation2430 says:

    I researched alittle about what will take place in ND31. From what I gathered, Persephone, was abducted by Hades to be his wife and Queen. When Demeter(Persephone’s mother) found out, she was saddened and enraged at Zeus for allowing Hades to take Persephone. Demeter refused to allow growth on earth and chaos started for mankind. Famine started and got Zeus’ attention. Zeus realized that if something didn’t happen then there would be no one to give him sacrifices and offerings so he had one of his henchman go down and bring Persephone back up. Before Persephone came up, Hades tricked her into eating a pomegranate(The fruit in the teaser makes more since now) and that sealed her doom. If you eat something from the Underworld, you are there forever. After debating, Persephone would go and stay in the Underworld with Hades for 4-6 months, depends on what articles you’ve read. And Demeter will not produce anything and it would be winter. And the rest of the months, Persephone would be with Demeter and the above world. Summer and spring would begin. All because of a pomegranate. Anyway, It makes more since now. Well, if I got anything wrong, read it online. But it is interesting.

    • Lily says:

      No, you have it all correct, apart from the fact that the mother’s name is Demetra (in Greek: Δήμητρα). Supposedly, Persephone (Περσεφόνη) remained in the Underworld for 6 months as she only ate half of the pomegranate and these are the 6 months of autumn and winter, when nothing grows on earth because of Demetra’s grieving…
      Myth has it that Persephone was picking up flowers from a meadow and Hades saw her and took a fancy into her, so “the earth opened” and he took her with him to the Underworld.

  2. Sam Powell says:

    Cool,I think I will check out the greek mythology!

  3. Foundation2430 says:

    I was never taught this in school. I’ve heard about the Greek gods but I’ve never learned about all the myths and how they got started. Evolution was a big thing when I was in school.

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