Mysterious Figures

Check out Rachael G.’s drawing of the phantom of The Phantom of Venice!



This phantom is one of a few game characters rarely discussed, when you compare them to the main characters. This phantom is indeed one of the criminals, but you must play the game to learn more about his connections and activity.

Other characters like Megan in Warnings at Waverly Academy or Pete from Trail of the Twister are secondary characters who you would be lucky enough to talk to, let alone see. Is there a mysterious character that intrigues you from the games?

As for the weekend puzzle, it was [braille] and when you decode it, it says [Official acronym is LIE] meaning ND31. 😉
-Little Jackalope

11 responses to “Mysterious Figures”

  1. Rachael says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for posting my picture up here!! I really appreciate it. As for the mysterious characters phantom has always fascinated me because he is so important to the game but we never speak to him. The closest we get is hearing Tazza’s side of the conversation when presumably the phantom is on the side of the convo or when we intercept messages meant for him. It was good though how he got to see him in action, very dramatic I loved it. VEN is definitely my favourite game.

  2. that is a really good drawing. did you ever get the drawings I sent you? I sent them a couple months ago.

  3. SpyGirl says:

    Hope everyone had a terrific weekend!
    Haven’t commented in while, but I’ve been following each post. Great drawing, Rachel! 😀
    To me, mysterious characters make a game super cool. Maybe that’s why VEN is one of my top five games. You never really know who the actual phantom is while you’re playing. Coincidentally, that’s the game I’m playing now. I really enjoy it, and I’ve done it lots of times – still just as good as the time before. I think Miss Quick adds a really cool element to it too. 😀
    P.S. Did you see my review on MED’s page? ;D

  4. Foundation2430 says:

    Firstly, my most mysterious character is Nancy Drew. Ageless(16-18) Intellegent, Beautiful, Tacky, Curious, and more characteristics I cannot think of. She’s a real mystery. Always HER and yet know very little.

    I know we know nothing about this Character except for the fact that all his inventions are seen in the games. Krolmeister. Uhmm.. We know nothing about him and yet he was fun talking to in the Trail of the Twister. Another one is Prudence Rutherford, from Secret of the Scarlet Hand. She is mystery as well. She’s tacky and doesn’t care to speak her mind.

    And lastly, Prof. Beatrice Hotchkiss. She is feisty and very mysterious. She’s everywhere like Sonny Joon was(another mystery, played all games, still mysterious) but Prof. Hotchkiss is in Treasure in the Royal Tower, Legend of the Crystal Skull and in Tomb of the Lost Queen. Yet, she still is a mystery.

  5. rms1995 says:

    I’d have to say Ethel Bosinny from CUR was a pretty interesting character! I’d have loved to be able to talk to her more in the game–seems like she and her family had a pretty interesting background of tutoring the Penvellyn’s 🙂

  6. ND's #1 fan says:

    Cool drawing, Rachael! VEN’s my #1 most favorite game 🙂 CAP comes in second, GTH third, SPY fourth, and I think WAC and SHA might be tied for fifth 😉 I doubt you guys at HeR ever got it, but I did some digital art with a screenshot of Charlotte Thornton a while back, just for fun. 🙂 I sent it in an email, but it was close to the release of MED so it might have gotten jumbled up. 😛 And I love mysterious characters! I’ve always wanted to learn more about Hilda in DDI, she seemed like such a fun person! Aaand, I might seem weird saying this, but do dead people count? I loooooove Charlotte’s story in GTH!!! So sad, but so mysterious and beautiful and neat. And she has an awesomely freaky voice too. 😉 “She’s spoken to me.” “Really? What did she say?!” “Boo.” “Ugh…” “WELL, it’s not my fault she’s a stickler for convention! She also said ‘Geeet Ouuut’! Oh, she also says she hates you and wants you to leave.” LOL Harper wasn’t a ‘secondary’ character in the game, but I would love to hear from her again! She was hilarious! 😛 And hearing from Sonny Joon again sometime soon would be awesome…I loved how he was such a big part of MED! Well, except for the fact that Nancy didn’t recognize him, I thought that was a little weird, but I loved MED overall! 😀 Pretty much all of the mysterious characters are intriguing to me…LOL 😛

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