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Weekend Puzzle #231

It’s St. Patrick’s Weekend! We have a BIG sale happening right now all the way through Monday, check it out and shop here. Also, with the reveal of the desktop icon, our fan Karina sketched out a lovely medallion (unshattered) and shared it with us! Aaaaaaaand here’s your weekend puzzle: Don’t forget about the Nancy […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall Box Art Revealed!

Presenting the official box cover art for Nancy Drew’s 28th mystery adventure game: Ghost of Thornton Hall! Pictured here is the featured ghost that haunts the hall at night, with fire reflecting in her eyes the way her charred past reflects in her expression. The house to the right is the lonely, old hall where […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Sale!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Get 50% off any physical game this weekend, while supplies last! Shop here.  

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MED Desktop Icon

We have revealed the actual shattered medallion! Voila! It will also be the desktop icon. I need to remember to add this to the merchandise store in the near future. However, there are much more awesome images I will be adding to the store….next week. Likely Wednesday. One concept image is done. The second is […]

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The Artist…is Closer

So we shared this little tease today… Thought you might like that. (~.^) Twitter Quote contest is happening now! (Ends tonight.) ~Little Jackalope~

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Books & Dates

The biggest news of the day is the part where we released the official dates for The Shattered Medallion: And yes, this is our main color for the box art. (~.^) Whoo-hoo! Tomorrow and Thursday we reveal (or tease) more! I’m looking forward to your reactions. You could say we are just starting to pick […]

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A Little News Clip

I was excited to come back to the office today and listen to this little news clip here. Check it out! It’s a news interview with Stuart, our CEO, about the release of the Ghost of Thornton Hall app for the iPad. At the end of it Stuart mentions a little tease…this is a true […]

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Weekend Puzzle #230

Howdy all! I have a few things to point out today, and some are just reminders.First, we have a sale going on for The Deadly Device this weekend! Also, we will still be posting more game duels for Nancy Drew Madness on our Facebook page over the weekend, so check back every day to participate. […]

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Classics vs. New Titles

Have you been following our Nancy Drew Madness this week? You can see which games will be coming up in the brackets on the chart. Notice how, roughly speaking, the old classic games are dueling with newer titles? From my perspective, I can predict winners on some duels easily, and others I await the results. […]

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Shadows in Your Face

In honor of Ghost of Thornton Hall now being available for the iPad, we shared this Nancy Drew Moment today: Was anyone else startled when you opened the showroom door to exit to the hallway and saw a shadow move in front of you? I love those unexpected moments of surprise fear! The unexpected moments […]

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