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Ewan’s Mouse Pad

For those of you who have not played The Silent Spy, you should totally play it! For those who have, you may recognize this image below. It is a close up of Ewan’s desk. See that awesome Cathedral mouse pad? I dove into the artists’ archives and grab a copy of this very mouse pad […]

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Collecting EVERYTHING in Sight

We posted this Nancy Drew moment from The Silent Spy today: To poke fun at Nancy, she is always collecting things. Things that are immediately available and things that belong to other people. Pretty much everything in sight! We could call her a kleptomaniac, but really! Don’t we, ourselves, enjoy collecting things in the games? […]

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Adorable Things

At times I do “fangirl” over little things, in both our games and in the outside world. One of the best moments in The Silent Spy was seeing Nancy’s baby picture with Kate: Other things can be questionable. While some people find a few moments in a game that make you go “Awwww!” other people […]

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Identify That Game!

Veterans Day! A big thank you to all who served! I thought I’d grab a screen shot to share with you to tease what I’m working on right now: Also, it looks like a bunch of you were able to find the secret message in the weekend puzzle! Congrats! Since there were only a few […]

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Weekend Puzzle #219

Hooray for Friday! Another great weekend ahead to play a Nancy Drew game! Or you can try solving this mega-puzzle below. I tried making it a challenge for you. (~.^) Identify the game, and find the secret message! Also, we have some birthdays this weekend! ~Little Jackalope~

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Jackalopes in The Silent Spy

Last June some Her Interactive team members traveled across the bridge to Seattle, where our favorite local sound recording studio is (it’s right near the Safeco baseball field). At the time, I couldn’t really share with or show you much since The Silent Spy was still kind of a secret. The team got together and […]

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Outside of the Games

I love seeing game references in real life, such as nautical flags, antique clocks, identifying cloud names and so on. Experiencing game sequences is just as exciting, like trying gumbo, dressing up as Samantha Quick from VEN, or actually discovering a real-life secret compartment in a desk. I’m always looking for game elements out in […]

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Nancy Drew-isms in SPY

Recently I’ve been hunting through a few game environments and came across a few screenshots that stood out to me in The Silent Spy. If you haven’t played the game yet, I’ll try not to reveal too much. Here you get a glimpse into Nancy’s room from long ago when she was a kid. Do […]

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Charlotte on Monday

Yesterday was daylight savings, and we switched our clocks backwards an hour. I always get confused which way the light switches… does the sun stay up longer or go down sooner? Turns out the sun sets earlier in the winter. It’s been really dark outside for a few hours already, it sort of feels like […]

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Weekend Puzzle #218

How was everyone’s Halloween? Hopefully no ghosts got to you… Anyways, SPOILER Alert! We have officially released the preview for Nancy Drew’s 30th adventure. Watch it here: Aaaaaaand your weekend puzzle: 6.2 – 2.1 – 6.2 – 2.3 – 9.3 – 7.4 4.3 – 3.1 4.3 – 7.4 2.3 – 6.3 – 3.1 – 3.2 […]

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