Collecting EVERYTHING in Sight

We posted this Nancy Drew moment from The Silent Spy today:

To poke fun at Nancy, she is always collecting things. Things that are immediately available and things that belong to other people. Pretty much everything in sight! We could call her a kleptomaniac, but really! Don’t we, ourselves, enjoy collecting things in the games?

To be fair, there are a lot of broken things or things that are missing some parts. Wouldn’t it be our duty to put them back where they all go properly? This is a proud job for us! Outsiders of the Nancy Drew universe may say something like “Hey, why did you just steal those cards?” and we can respond with a rational answer like “They are an incomplete set! I need to take them to where the remaining card(s) are so that they are complete. It’s Nancy Drew logic.” And we crazy Nancy Drew nerds would understand.

However, it is a little different when there are extra elements available for grabs in the games, like lots of food to try, or bonus charms or souvenirs to purchase. While some simply want to collect things and see what cool toys and gadgets are available, others like to see if they get an award for collecting everything…

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~Little Jackalope~

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2 responses to “Collecting EVERYTHING in Sight”

  1. In the end, all those key elements all feature up to one thing; The magic of it being a Nancy Drew game. Somehow everything might have a double meaning to it. When it comes to the story line, learning more about the suspects and just discovering the little things in the game. And that’s what we all have in common! We all just love the Nancy Drew games. And the little Nancy Drew Moments xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi LJ! My 16th birthday is tomorrow and I was just wondering if I could get a little birthday thing 😀 My name is Emma and my favorite game is SPY or CUR Thanks!! 😀

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