Weekend Puzzle #218

How was everyone’s Halloween? Hopefully no ghosts got to you…

Anyways, SPOILER Alert! We have officially released the preview for Nancy Drew’s 30th adventure. Watch it here:

Aaaaaaand your weekend puzzle:

6.2 – 2.1 – 6.2 – 2.3 – 9.3 – 7.4
4.3 – 3.1
4.3 – 7.4
2.3 – 6.3 – 3.1 – 3.2


~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #218”

  1. The Red Wolf says:

    Love the preview! SO funny with the allusion to modern reality TV! It’s nice to have a break from scary trailers AND with more dialogue. Can’t wait for more!

  2. ND's #1 fan says:

    Hi, LJ! My halloween was pretty cool, but only 1 person (besides my family) knew I was Nancy Drew! :O but other than that it was fun… I also played MHM yesterday, and it didn’t freak me out! Really excited about that lol… now I’ve just got to get over when the monster jumps out at Nancy in CAP…. 😉 How was your halloween? And yes, I’ve already seen the teaser… and I’m pretty excited! Definitely didn’t expect this for a plot though…. is New Zealand known for having lots of sheep? It’s funny though because for school I have to write a paper about sheep! Too bad I can’t play MED to help me do research LOL! XD (is that the abbreviation we should use for it? Can’t think of another one, well, SHA, but that one’s taken 🙂 And as for the weekend puzzle… I’m clueless! Is it binary code? Because I had to get a spoiler for that in DED… it confuses me lol (^_^)

  3. It’s strange to see all the negative feedback on this teaser… Though to an extent I have to agree. I was super disappointed with you guys on this teaser. No mention of what the plot is and no mention of a Shattered Medallion! Isn’t that the whole purpose of a teaser? To briefly give you a look at the next game and get you excited? Anyways, still keeping a positive attitude! I know as time goes on the more ill get hooked:)

  4. ruth says:

    aww so sweet! thank you LJ for wishing me a happy birthday on the 30th! I absolutely love the blog! I just finished the silent spy and was I ever wrong about who the culprit was. I was sooo surprised and was not expecting that ending. The game was amazing you guys are so awesome putting so much hard work in your games! I am also sooo excited to play the next game in spring
    love, Ruth

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Little Jackalope can say happy birthday on the 10th my name is Emma and I will be 12.

  6. AHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH LITTLE JACKALOPE! I had a great birthday, mostly cause the end of my weekend it consisted of replaying SPY lol. I worked long and hard to find those darn easter eggs, but I found 3. I’ve been hammering at another one from a rumor but it doesn’t seem that I’m having any luck. (*Hint* It has to do with a little “Shooting”)But SPY is extremely AH-MAZING. I replayed TRT again and it’s just my classic. But I hope you had a good weekend too as did everyone else, and as to some wise words from Professor Hotchkiss… “Rock N’ Roll dear”. LOL sorry, that’s been in my head all weekend

  7. @ The Red Wolf — It was definitely a different style, huh? I’m glad you are intrigued!

    @ ND’s #1 fan — After playing a scary game the first time, you kind of get used to it the second or third time around. XD

    And yes, New Zealand has a lot of sheep. You are also correct, MED is the abbreviation we are using for this next game. 😉

    @Future HeR Animator — You do have a point. The teaser did not reveal much detail, however, in many of the ND books… the mystery follows Nancy. In the past few games Nancy is called to or purposefully seeks out that mystery, while this time, it’s the other way around…

    @Ruth — You’re welcome! And we are glad you are enjoying SPY!

    @Emma — You got it!

    @Shainnen Somerville — 3 eggs?! Good for you detective! Also, that is a great quote from Hotchkiss, I love it, too!! XD

  8. ND's #1 fan says:

    @LJ- thanks! this is the 3rd time I’ve played it, so ya, I’ve gotten used to it. Hmm… I’m wondering about the sheep thing now, because I read Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes, and there were sheep smugglers in it! That would sure be an interesting plot twist! 😉

  9. Diana (Nancy Drew is Awesome!) says:

    I’m wondering if we’ll see “Johnny” from the Ransom of the Seven ships… or Sonny.

    I can’t remember Johnny’s real name, haven’t played the second game in a few years.

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