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Memorizing the Games

For those of us players who like to replay the Nancy Drew mysteries over and over, we tend to memorize random parts. For example, certain quotes like “Fifty drumsticks, please! Chicken, that is. Cluck, cluck!” or even “You’re asking the wrong amnesiac!” Other things we might remember would be where to find an Easter egg […]

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Blowing Up Chemicals — It’s a Nancy Drew Thing

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today: How many of you have experienced the frustration and paranoid fear when you tried solving this puzzle? Each time I play The Haunting of Castle Malloy and reach this puzzle I get nervous. Using the claw to pick up the individual elements without touching anything else is a […]

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The Artist…is Closer

So we shared this little tease today… Thought you might like that. (~.^) Twitter Quote contest is happening now! (Ends tonight.) ~Little Jackalope~

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Shadows in Your Face

In honor of Ghost of Thornton Hall now being available for the iPad, we shared this Nancy Drew Moment today: Was anyone else startled when you opened the showroom door to exit to the hallway and saw a shadow move in front of you? I love those unexpected moments of surprise fear! The unexpected moments […]

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I Spy Nancy Drew Books!

This last weekend I took a day trip and had to stop at my favoritist book store. This is why it is my favorite shop in the world: Their Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book section is like heaven! Of course,  I did purchase a few rare books for my own collection. See that blue […]

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Bird Photos in Winter

Our office is in a nature park, so we often see all sorts of wildlife around. The other day we spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree. This reminded me of when we had to take several pictures for Red in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I suppose it would be cool to start […]

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Nancy Drew for the Holidays

We shared this Nancy Drew moment with you today: We heard that many of you already had the entire Nancy Drew game collection, and we understand. So we made this in honor of you. XD For those of you who are missing a game, Christmas is just around the corner! It’s an excellent time to […]

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Nancy & Phone Technology

Back in the very early days (1930s) for Nancy Drew, there were less-advanced sleuthing gadgets for a detective to use. Sure, Nancy drove her own car and had running water and electricity in her home, but calling someone on the phone looked different back then.  Making a phone call took an extra step or two. […]

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We have a fantastic sale going on for our scary games! But it ends in a few hours, midnight! Which scary game are you missing? Shop here! I dressed up today, but forgot to have my picture taken. I did manage to get several other team member’s pictures, so I *might* post some […]

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Nancy in New York

These last few days our CEO and Marketing Director went to visit Simon & Schuster. I’m always excited when they get to visit, because they are the ones who own Nancy Drew. Their headquarters are in New York, and our CEO and Marketing Director took a few snapshots for the blog! Fancy signs welcome their […]

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