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Back in the very early days (1930s) for Nancy Drew, there were less-advanced sleuthing gadgets for a detective to use. Sure, Nancy drove her own car and had running water and electricity in her home, but calling someone on the phone looked different back then. 

Making a phone call took an extra step or two. In the 1930s, Nancy didn’t get to carry around her cell phone and call for help as soon as a tire blew out. She would have had to walk someplace (if she didn’t have a spare) to find a public or private phone. To use that phone, she would have to have some pocket change (and/or permission) to make a call. If she didn’t hear an operator at the end of the line to speak to, the phone would require Nancy to rotate the dials to enter each number (which she would have to have memorized or written down).

Today, Nancy is in the twenty-first century. Modern Nancy has been through several different types of phones, with the latest being a smart phone. All she has to do is be within cell service, have the device charged, and have contacts saved in the memory. Once she enters a contact’s phone number (and sometimes picture avatar), she won’t have to remember it again. All she has to do is press the call button after selecting the recipient. How easy is that?!

A good detective skill to remember: we can’t always rely on our phones. If the battery dies or if it gets damaged while on a case, it’s best to have important phone numbers memorized or written down and stored on your person. You never know when you’ll get in a jam and need to borrow another phone! I personally carry a miniature phone book in my bag, just in case.

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Also, we have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hiya LJ!
    My little brother has a birthday coming up, and I was wondering if you could do a shoutout for him? You see, he’s turning 8 on the 23 of this month, and he doesn’t really play the Nancy Drew games except for an occasional mini game or puzzle. He is the youngest out of my siblings, my older sister, me, my younger sister, then him, so of course he likes to be included our game-play. Could you do something with cars or the ‘SPOILER!’ fly ‘bug’ that Nancy puts in Alec’s bag to overhear his coversation? (BTW, when you overhear his coversation and a little extra its SO FUNNY!!! Luv that part!)


  2. William D says:

    I should probably get a phone book o -o xD

  3. Vanilla Muffin says:

    Hey LJ, I was thinking why not make a Christmas ND game?

    I posted on thread on the boards.

  4. That’s why I will never understand in a million years what is going on with the newer generation of being so attracted to technology at a young age. Back in the day, we would all go outside to play and socialize in a humanly manner, but now everyone wants to socialize through a screen and text letters. It’s making me sad a little. But in a positive light, social media can be used in a good way, like keeping in touch with HeR on the awesome new things that are up to come. Playing the games for so long now, you can even say that the evolution of the Nancy Drew games has drastically changed in a way that it has to be more modernized. It’s wonderful. I wonder of by this post that we have to incorporate it in the future Nancy Drew game. Hmmm 😉

  5. @Junebug620 – Sure! What’s his name?

  6. Sheesh4 says:

    Yay! Thank you LJ for the birthday shout-it! It’s beautiful!! 😀

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