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National Panic Day

Did you know it is National Panic day? Haha! Any excuse to celebrate being scared, right? In honor of this, we have a one-day sale happening for our scary game, Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Also, speaking of scares, Nancy has a crazy kind of bravery about her. Some of us players did […]

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Last Weekend to Pre-Order! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #255)

This weekend is the last chance to pre-order your copy of Labyrinth of Lies and receive the Bonus Edition. We have set a goal for our fans: if we reach 10,000 pre-orders by end of Monday (October 13th), we will make the soundtrack free for everyone. Do you think we can make it in one […]

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Download Labyrinth of Lies!

Today is the day! If you pre-ordered the digital copy of Labyrinth of Lies, you can download the game right now! HOORAY! Today I celebrated by eating a gyro and Greek yogurt, and by reading some early reviews by fellow fans. Then I re-watched the trailer: Have you begun playing Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery? When […]

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Getting Ready for LIE!!

Tomorrow is the big day! If you pre-ordered Labyrinth of Lies digital download, tomorrow is the day you may begin downloading! Are you to solve a new mystery… in Greece?! WHOO!   Today we were organizing some spaces, going through power cords and old game systems, just to make things tidy. Here is our Super […]

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Your Favorite Game!

Howdy sleuths! It’s the Friday before pre-order date! If you pre-ordered the physical version of Labyrinth of Lies, your game is likely shipping this weekend. If you pre-ordered the digital download, Tuesday is your day to being downloading! Oh the EXCITEMENT! 😀 If you are anxiously waiting your game, you can spend a moment telling […]

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Pre-Order Labyrinth of Lies!

Today is the big day! Pre-orders begin for Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery: Labyrinth of Lies! Surely you must have seen the news because we have shared it just about everywhere online. Still, I’m sharing the official trailer here, too: Whatcha think? Yes, it does appear to be a different style of game, so we show […]

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The Three Judges (And Weekend Puzzle #251)

We shared another great screenshot from Labyrinth of Lies today! Check it out: These three judges sit in the underworld, between two doors. Before them are the scales that decide the fate of the dead, according to Greek mythology. Which of these two doors do you suppose is *GASP* locked? 😉 (This was what I […]

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Working on the LIE Trailer

Yesterday I focused entirely on the official trailer for Labyrinth of Lies. It will premiere on YouTube on Tuesday, September 9th when pre-orders begin. *Gasp!* That is only 5 days away… I don’t have much time to finish it, then! But I do a have a moment to spare today to tell you a little […]

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LIE Dates & Scary Games

Mark your calendars! We have officially released the dates for Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies! Also, intern Dahlia made a great vine today! I find it funny sometimes how one person may think a Nancy Drew game is scary, while their friends don’t think it’s scary at all… Which games do not scare you? We […]

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Spring Adventures

Here in Washington the weather has warmed up a bit and there are lots of things to see outside. The flowers and the wildlife are the biggest highlights. A few of us today took a walk to enjoy the sunny weather and a I came across a few things I really wanted to share: Bunnies, […]

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