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Monday Mysteries

It has been pretty quiet here today in the office. The artists are busy working on the environments for SEA. The production team is working on some early game builds, connecting logic flags together and making the game functional. The sales and marketing team is planning ahead on holiday sales and things. There isn’t much […]

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Returning to Our Past

I’m hearing a lot of mixed reactions about the 31st Nancy Drew game. This teaser is found at the end of The Shattered Medallion, and is still a spoiler until tomorrow when we launch it on our YouTube Channel. So stay tuned! Or if you want to leave this next game a surprise, stay away […]

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Ghost References Everywhere

Today I’ve been working on a new blog video, so likely it will be up tomorrow on YouTube.In the meantime, we have more fan art to share! Also, another fan has found a dress that reminds her of Charlotte’s dress. Hmm..maybe it’s a good idea to start thinking about Halloween or Party costumes, because finding […]

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Following Clues

When solving a mystery, it is very important for the detective to keep an open mind, and to consider all logical (and crazy) possibilities. Any bit of information could be important; dates, times, speed, footprints, trash, notes, messages, a smudge on the mirror, a Koko Kringle bar wrapper in the drawer…. just about anything could […]

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Egg Mystery = Accusations Part 1

First off, it’s one of our awesome fans’ birthday today! Happy Birthday Zara!   Secondly, Phoenix posted a new video today! She is snooping through the CEO and President’s offices. (o.O) What will she find? Will she get caught? And if she does, what will she say? You’ll just have to watch now!! As for […]

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Egg Mystery: Hollow Egg!

Happy 15th birthday Katie!! As I promised last week, I shall delve into the additions to the Egg Mystery that has been going on for the past couple months.   Last Thursday, it was late in the afternoon when I finally checked my desk drawer again. Behold! A new white chicken egg! There was no […]

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Weekend Puzzle #157

We have a new development in the egg mystery that has been going on. I will catch you up on it next week. Today in the office we are having a kick-off meeting for our next game ND#28. After our designer presents her fabulous PowerPoint, getting everyone  on the same page as we are about […]

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Old Save Files: Floppy Disks

I was looking through some old art files and found this: Name that game! And then it got me thinking about how old this is. Does anyone still use floppy diskettes? Perhaps some of you are too young to remember this memory storage, but you may recognize it as the Save Game icon we used […]

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Beware of the sneaky ones…

Wanted to give a quick shout-out to one of our fans from England: Natasha, who is celebrating her sweet 16th birthday! We noticed a comment on one of our YouTube videos from a loving fan: And my first reaction was: But then I thought: “Not if I get to it first, replace them with fakes, […]

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Game Testing Results

Howdy all! I was out of the office yesterday and that explains the lack of a post. 🙁 No update to the egg mystery, but we do have some other updates: our new intern, Phoenix, uploaded a new video to her Video Blog series, which can be found on our YouTube channel. Check it out, […]

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