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Weekend Puzzle #143 = CONTEST!

Just as a head’s up, we are having an April Fool’s Weekend sale on The Captive Curse digital download. Lukas is a known prankster at Castle Finster, do you think you can avoid falling for his tricks? Mwahaha! If you haven’t played The Captive Curse, you can purchase the digital download for 25% off now […]

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Candy Phone Anyone?

What I really mean is, that if you have an iPhone 4/4s you can purchase a case for it in our merchandise store here. I wanted to point out some images that I found rather fun. Check out the candy from Trail of the Twister! Here’s Cowabubble: There are a couple other images to choose […]

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The Magic Mug!

Hey everyone! For a little fun today, I wanted to show you my favorite item from the Merchandise Store. Check out the Magic Mug in my demo video here: What do you think? I’m thinking of ordering a few for my personal collection, because it was so much fun to play with. (I must have […]

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Winners, Prizes, and fans!

The Caption Contest winner on our Facebook page has been announced! Congrats to Julia Manns! Here’s what Julia wrote: “Ellen: You may want to check your grammar again.Nik: Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine, no one will notice.Ellen: Come on, Nik! Being groovy is no excuse for abandoning basic grammar.” Aaaaand, *insert drum roll here* […]

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The Round Keepsake Box

I really wanted to highlight this item from our Merchandise Store: The Round Keepsake box! This box is really nice, and it fits DVDs and CDs in it nicely…hm…Nancy Drew game CDs, maybe?I have fun taking a look at how many different images can go on this box. Have you tried looking at the Moon […]

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All About Buttons!

Now that the Merchandise store has launched *deep breath* I can slow down and breathe, and then get all excited about the fun things to talk about, like buttons! Ok, perhaps it is a little less exciting to read about, but none-the-less important. Have you noticed a change to our home page? There are new […]

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Merchandise Store + New UI!

Aaah! Awesome day today! Besides the craziness of the weather here (snow flurries for 15 minutes, then bright sunshine the next), we have had an amazing day. ^_^ Ok, perhaps the snow flurries can be counted as amazing, too. First off, we introduced to you a brand new UI (User Interface) on our Dare to […]

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