Weekend Puzzle #143 = CONTEST!

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On to the weekend puzzle contest! Check out the prize: A Warnings at Waverly Academy square Keepsake box! (And it’s very nice I might add.) *Note, if you would like to purchase a round or square keepsake box, you can in our Merchandise Store here. You can also choose another image if you’d like instead of WAC’s cover art.

Here are the rules, read carefully!

1. Solve the weekend puzzle below.
2. When you think you have the right answer , email it to solved@herinteractive.com with the subject line “Weekend Puzzle”. Please include your name and mailing address in the email.
3. The prize? A Warnings at Waverly Academy square keepsake box.
4. The time? Contest begins now and ends at 10am PST on Monday, April 2nd.
5. One winner will be randomly drawn from all of the full correct entries by 5pm, Monday, April 2nd. (We want to be fair and give everyone a chance.) 🙂 Each contestant may only enter once.
6. This contest is open to everyone. (Even outside the U.S.)
7. You may discuss the puzzle and help each other out on the message boards here.

And here is your puzzle. Ready detectives? Let your brains and pencils begin!

~Little Jackalope~

14 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #143 = CONTEST!”

  1. MJ says:


    Oh my gosh! I cannot beleive that! The ______ comes out on _______? YES!!! THANK YOU, JACKALOPE!!!!!!!!

  2. Christa W. says:

    Answer: Tomb of The Lost Queen trailer on Tuesday

  3. cathy44004 says:

    tomb of the lost queen trail erontues day

  4. Chandni P. says:

    I sent it to the email on listed and it my email sent it back saying “mailer-daemon” meaning it doesn’t exist. I checked and it’s spelled correctly. What’s going on? O.o

  5. Anonymous says:

    Got it! Reallt fun puzzle. I really like the picture you get when everythings completed.

    From me,

  6. Anonymous says:

    I sovled it!!!! U will see a e-mail from me soon!! Um, I have one qestion thoe.So, If I win this will I have to get the WAC cover art on it? Just wondering. (: It’s okey if I can’t, and I’ll still try 2 win it. (: Thanks for awsome answer!!!
    From ~`NANCYGEEK`~

  7. MJ says:

    How do you get a guest account on HER’s message boards? Thanks!

  8. MJ says:

    what if you don’t have an email address? Then you just don’t get to take part? 🙁

  9. Anonymous says:

    little jackalope
    my dad said that i cant enter the contest because you asked for my mailing address insted of just email. nexy contest, can you just ask for email? then maby i can enter.
    P.S. ii loved the puzle. so cool!

  10. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    Yay! IT is coming on… that day! Hooray!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I got it right too! I can’t wait! That is the best answer to a puzzle I have ever seen! Thank you!

  12. @Chandni P. — Check the email address and make sure there are no typos or extra spaces. Also, if you ever have images attached it might be sensitive about how large of an image file it is.

    @~`NANCYGEEK`~ — Yes, the winner gets this exact prize with the WAC art on it. But if you don’t win, you can purchase this box from our Merchandise Store, and you can choose whatever image is available, it doesn’t need to be the WAC art.

    @MJ — To get an account on the Message Boards, click on the yellow link “register” in the first paragraph under where it says “Welcome to the Her Interactive Inc. Community Forums”.

    Also, an email address is required to participate in the contests. 🙁

    @Anonymous — If you are wary about giving us your mailing address, that is fine if you don’t include it. (We don’t do anything with it unless you win the prize.) We ask for the winner’s mailing address so that we can mail the prize to them. 🙂

  13. Jackie says:

    I haven’t heard anything about a winner yet. When will we hear about a winner?

  14. @Jackie — The winner was posted in the following post, (Monday’s) just above the puzzle image. 🙂

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