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Ghost References Everywhere

Today I’ve been working on a new blog video, so likely it will be up tomorrow on YouTube.In the meantime, we have more fan art to share! Also, another fan has found a dress that reminds her of Charlotte’s dress. Hmm..maybe it’s a good idea to start thinking about Halloween or Party costumes, because finding […]

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Keep Calm… Because You Asked for It!

You asked for it! As we wait anxiously for Ghost of Thornton Hall, I went ahead and re-created the “Keep Calm” image and made it available in our merchandise store here. WOOT! Oh, and while you are there, be sure to check out the GTH art that’s available as well. 😉 I’ve got more fan […]

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Keep Calm…

It looks like after posting this picture on our social sites yesterday, there has been a large request for this image to appear on the Merchandise Store. Ok. You asked for it. I will work on getting this up soon! My words of advise to you this week? Keep calm because Ghost of Thornton Hall […]

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A Beautiful Game

It seems to me as though a lot of fans find Ghost of Thornton Hall to be a beautiful game with an attractive story. Because of this, we have seen a lot more fan art come in or be posted on our social sites like Facebook or Twitter, even though no one outside of the […]

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Fan Art: Scrapbooking

Recently some fans emailed us wanting to show us their Nancy Drew scrapbook work, so we’ve decided to go ahead and show you here. It was a little tough fitting in all of the images, but here is Sergey’s spread:  Here I spy some GTH art, and some card games, similar to RAID! in CAP: […]

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Day Three: GTH Pre-Orders

Well here’s an interesting office story for you that happened 15 minutes ago: The doors to the office were open when I decided to go downstairs for a couple minutes. When I came back up, the doors, of course were LOCKED! After 5 minutes of futile attempts to knock and rattle the door in hopes […]

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GTH Fan Excitement

It’s time to start counting down the days until pre-orders begin for Ghost of Thornton Hall! (5)   The trailer is right around the corner, it just needs to go through a final review before rendering out the official version for YouTube and our site. Also, we *may* have another announcement concerning the pre-orders on […]

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A Fan of Nancy Drew Merchandise

I had to share this with everyone: I am a fan of Rachel S.’s Nancy Drew collection! Check out these pictures of all of thecMerchandiseoitemsusheldesigneddand collected! Thereiaretseveral t-shirts, abpillowcaseeor two, place mat, mouse pad, key chains, ornaments, dog tag, water bottle, ceramic tile art, journal, keepsake box and bookmark! And it looks like mostyalloofuyoursolved the […]

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Fan Mail and Office Happenings

The Sales and Marketing department just finished a few big sales, launched the new merchandise and is now gearing up for big December fun. “Artist’s Row” is working on fixing puzzle art, adding new textures, modeling characters (and have already begun animations!). Production is working on some builds, planning out music and sounds, and writing […]

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Cupcakes From a Fan

Today one of our fans, Miriam, got to visit and learn more about how we rock and roll here at Her Interactive. She got to tour and visit with several team members to learn a little from each department, as part of her school requirement to graduate. She immediately became friends with everyone in the […]

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