Fan Letters and Items for Fans

Today I received a wonderful letter from a fan named Nina. I was very excited to receive it! The envelope had stickers (some were 3D!) and crayon art, and inside were fan doodles and many references to Nancy Drew games! I LOVED it! Check it out:

Also, for everyone who sent in fan mail to me this year and hadn’t received anything in return, I will be sending you a letter in return. (Even if you mailed me 12 months ago…!)

Randomness: Here are all those medallion designs that you can create in the merchandise store! The ceramic ornaments (smooth and flat) are the closest thing to the real deal! Add these to your ultimate Nancy Drew collection!

We have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~

4 responses to “Fan Letters and Items for Fans”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I should buy a little Christmas Tree and Nancy Drew ornaments and make a Nancy Drew Tree! Lol

  2. I think I may be one of the people who mailed you 12 months ago. xD I suddenly can’t remember. Lol.

  3. Red Panda says:

    I like how you added “Items for Fans”


  4. @Anonymous – A Nancy Drew Christmas tree sounds like a great idea, haha!

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