Popular Fan Quotes

Some of the t-shirt design entries that we have received are popular sayings among the fans, including from me. What is your favorite quote?

Tshirt_Sample56 Tshirt_Sample40 Tshirt_Sample53  Tshirt_Sample45

Also, we still have two and a half weeks for you to submit your t-shirt design in our contest, but don’t forget about it, or else the end of the month will sneak up on you before you know it!

We have another contest starting today, too! The Facebook Caption Contest has begun! Head over and post your most creative caption for a chance to win some prizes. 😉

We have a birthday to celebrate today!


-Little Jackalope

11 responses to “Popular Fan Quotes”

  1. Ally says:

    My favorite is ,”For girls who aren’t afraid of a mouse.”
    Is it true that it used to be their slogan before dare to play?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Yes, that was our old slogan until we learned that boys liked to play Nancy Drew, too. 🙂

  2. Haley says:

    When I click on the shirt that says “Can’t check that off yet”, it comes up as the shirt right next to it.

  3. Elijah says:

    Hi LJ? Would I be able to do an interview with you for my youtube channel?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      What is your YouTube channel? 🙂

      • Elijah says:

        My youtube channel is called gavinscousin. I mainly post Nancy Drew game videos.

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Thanks! What kind of interview were you thinking? Could we get a copy of the questions before officially asked? Email us at feedback@herinteractive.com and mention your name. I will receive that email. Thank you!

          • Elijah says:

            Ok! I will e-mail the questions to that address. In the meantime, would it be possible for you to make a video or a blog post for people to tell me a few questions to ask? Thanks!

  4. Linda Chung says:

    Is it just me??

    When I click on the “Can’t check that…” shirt, the “It’s up to you…” shirt comes up.

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