Collecting Nancy Drew Moments

Perhaps you own all of the books, maybe you have played all of the games, or suppose you have also seen the TV series from the 70s. Are you a big fan and collector of everything Nancy Drew? Or is your collection just getting started?

Somewhere in your home is a shelf with a few Nancy Drew items, and like any good detective, you keep your eyes sharp and observant for that missing book or that one missing item to add to your collection. Have certain locations in the games intrigued you enough to want to visit the area in real life? Maybe there is a foreign language or a real-life skill that you have become interested in because of the games.

I for one, am a big collector. Not as some die-hard fans already are, but I’m working on my own collection at home. I plan on getting some merchandise from our store that reflects contents found in the games; such as the Jr. Park Ranger key chain from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, or the Whale key chain found in Danger on Deception Island.

Another way to simply collect Nancy Drew memories is to create your own scrapbook, the way Nancy has on her own desk. Since I’ve visited the castle that inspired Wickford’s in Treasure in the Royal Tower, maybe I will decorate a page with those photos I took in the theme of that game: purple, add Marie Antoinette, perhaps  a brochure of the castle’s restaurant menu…

Check out Vlad’s scrapbook pages he created about Warnings at Waverly Academy! (Click on the images to see a larger view).


Birthday today!

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes I have a collection. A pretty large one too.
    I have 250+ of the books (at least 1 from every series including spin-offs), all the games, one of the 70s seasons, and the 2007 movie.
    It’s a lot of fun to collect Nancy Drew 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a pretty large collection of 250+ books, 30+ games, and a few of the movie/TV shows.
    I’m always on the lookout for ND books I’m missing. I think I’m only missing about 50 of the 175 books in the original series!

  3. Funny enough, me and Marie Antoinette are born on the same day. I was actually thinking of creating a scrapbook of Treasure in the Royal Tower, since that game always held a place in my heart somehow. But instead of a scrapbook, I was thinking of decorating a room in my wall instead. With pretty lights surrounding around it, with all the pictures I’ll print out of the game, as well as other inspired artwork or similar things to the game. Now I’m tempted to do it! Maybe I’ll keep you posted(;

  4. I own every yellow hardback book and every game:) my search is now for first edition ND’s!! Quite a hard search too, I’d love to own the first five one day. I got a ND shoulder bag with the material looking like vintage ND books:) I think you’d approve. Lol
    I’m about to go on y’all’s store and start making a list of all the things I want:) I have a feeling it’ll be quite long!

  5. ND's #1 fan says:

    Cool scrapbook pages! WAC is one of my favorite games, too! Me, I just have a ND books shelf and a ND games shelf. And in the computer room I have a manilla folder with hints and stuff for the games I decorated with ND stuff. (^_^)

  6. SiennaRose says:

    That is really cool! I collect Nancy Drew too! I have some pictures of my collection on my Nancy Drew blog! You should check it out!


  7. Anonymous says:

    That is really impressive… Keep it up Vlad!

  8. William D says:

    That is so cool! You visited the castle that inspired the ”Treasure in the Royal Tower”? Jealous :/ I never thought of trying to make a Nancy Drew scrapbook! I think I’ll try that. I am actually working on making a collection of all the Nancy Drew games. They are so much fun. What is your favorite Nancy Drew game? Mine is *gasp* Ghost of Thornton Hall ^_^ (also I like Trail of the Twister, and Shadow at the Water’s Edge) Oh, before I forget, have you seen the 70’s series you were talking about? I have, on Netflix. I hope you keep your blogs going!

  9. Anonymous says:

    JJ it is my birthday on Saturday. Please could you do a birthday shout out for me. Call me Shauna.

  10. Isis4ever says:

    What a neat scrapbook! 🙂 I have a binder of Nancy Drew notes, but it isn’t pretty or anything like that. Although I do have pretty coverpages for each game.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have a bookshelf for my books(yellow cover and old) And a separate shelf for my games. I keep a notebook when I play a game so to collect clues. I love that scrapbook? What language is that in? See! Your games are everywhere!

    From me,

  12. horselover23 says:

    Cool scrapbook!! I’m working on one,and wondering, do you print the pictures off the internet??

  13. Hi!
    I’ve been collecting ND books since 2007 (I found out about ND through the movie) and now I have the first 56 (I’m working on getting a few more of the originals).
    I’ve been collecting the HeR games since 2010 and now I have them all happily displayed on a shelf.(:
    I’ve never seen the 70s tv show but I LOVE the 30s movies (Nancy Drew-Troubleshooter is really funny!).

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