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Spring Adventures

Here in Washington the weather has warmed up a bit and there are lots of things to see outside. The flowers and the wildlife are the biggest highlights. A few of us today took a walk to enjoy the sunny weather and a I came across a few things I really wanted to share: Bunnies, […]

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Marathons in the Spring

I’m super excited because today is the first day of spring! Here’s a sample of what our spring here looks like during lunchtime at the office: On a new note, I’ve seen questions from you come up inquiring about Nancy Drew game marathons in preparation for our next game release. There are three types of […]

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Bird Photos in Winter

Our office is in a nature park, so we often see all sorts of wildlife around. The other day we spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree. This reminded me of when we had to take several pictures for Red in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I suppose it would be cool to start […]

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Adorable Things

At times I do “fangirl” over little things, in both our games and in the outside world. One of the best moments in The Silent Spy was seeing Nancy’s baby picture with Kate: Other things can be questionable. While some people find a few moments in a game that make you go “Awwww!” other people […]

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In the Mood to Scare…?

It’s hard for me to get into the “scare” mood these days, since here in Washington we’ve had beautiful bright, sunny blue sky and vibrant-colored trees. It’s so pretty and cheerful! However, there have been excellent cold mornings this fall where it has been foggy. Not foggy in a scary way, but a romantic kind […]

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Early Fan Art for SPY

Oh look! A blue heron (I think) landed on a tree just outside our window! Distractions aside, we have seen several excited fans’ artwork for The Silent Spy, and I thought it would be great to share these with you. Here are a few I found:     Excitement is building for more info about […]

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Office Happenings in July

I have several things to share about what’s been going on at the office this week. Be warned: these following stories can be quite random. We have already begun testing puzzles in our next Nancy Drew game: The Silent Spy (SPY), the artists are working hard to finish up a good portion of the game […]

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Wildlife: The Geese Episode

As some of you may know, the Her Interactive office is in a building located on a wildlife refuge of sorts. Behind our building is a slough and further away is dense vegetation for all sorts of critters to hang out in. The critter that rules over all is the Canadian Geese. These guys are […]

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Spiders on the Desk

I was minding my own business, I promise, when something moved in the corner of my eye. I jumped a little when I finally noticed the little spider crawling passed my left hand up to the phone cord, and paused long enough for me to rescue my nearby phone and snap a photo. I don’t […]

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Outside Our Office

The past couple of days here at Her Interactive have been a bit interesting. The landscaping team outside of our office have been tidying up the shrubbery and trimming the tree branches back around the building we reside in, every tree outside our window has been shaved half-way up, and now the view from our […]

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