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Otters! And secrets…

Yesterday our Designer, Lead Tester, and Stuart our CEO went outside to catch a quick glimpse of the wildlife here. Check it out! Stuart was able to grab a snapshot of this otter!! So cute!   We have a few great things planned ahead, such as an interview video, another video a few weeks away, […]

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Secret Meetings — Bunnies!!

Several team members here held a top-secret meeting again concerning ND#27, and since it was nice outside, we went out back. There is a slough (a still swamp-like river) surrounding the back end of the building and we are also located on a kind of nature park. Perhaps I have mentioned this before, but we […]

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Spring Wildlife: Woodpecker

Ok, technically the woodpecker is called a Northern Flicker, and it has been pecking out a hole in the building in Production’s corner. (They have said the pecking gets pretty loud at times). Since our building is in a park, the animals and birds are protected, so we can’t move or disrupt them. I went […]

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Spring Wildlife: Geese

I got a hot tip from one of our artists: there was a few geese families outside behind our office. With this new information, I decided to grab my camera and go into stealth mode…which is really hard by the way when the only way to get to the geese was by gravel path and […]

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Mardi Gras + Eagle

Happy Mardi Gras! And to those in Italy, Happy Carnivale! In honor of Mardi Gras today, we have a one-day sale going on for the digital downloads of The Phantom of Venice (takes place during Carnivale) and Legend of the Crystal Skull (takes place during Mardi Gras in New Orleans). Get 50% off using the […]

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Yep, we crazies at Her Interactive get excited about little things, except this was big to us: Otter sighting!! Yesterday afternoon someone looked out the window and called out for those us working late (guilty me) to come to see the excitement. Here’s what we saw by the river: Mama otter (on the right) and […]

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