Office Planning

It’s still pretty early in the new year, and we have spent these first two weeks getting re-organized and making plans for the coming months. While we are still working on MID and Codes and Clues, we have some other things planned. Next month we have a few exciting things… because… well, Valentine’s day and stuff.

Today I worked on web site pages, getting some new contest stuff ready, putting some new graphics together, updating some FAQs and other miscellaneous things. Riveting. I did try a new honey mustard pretzel dip, which was fantastic. Hmm, perhaps I could try making a crazy Nancy Drew game recipe, like adobe bread from The Secret of Shadow Ranch.

Now I’m thinking about food.

Tomorrow will be a bit more interesting, as we have a Throwback Thursday tomorrow, and another weird holiday to celebrate. Any ideas what that could be? Hint: Iggy.

-Little Jackalope


3 responses to “Office Planning”

  1. Kit says:

    “The Iguanas” are having a concert in New Orleans. Is that just a happy coincidence?

  2. Caitey g says:

    You should have a “dress Iggy in a costume” contest! People can print out a picture of Iggy (like Sonny), and draw/paste paper costumes on him! 🙂

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