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Popular Fan Quotes

Some of the t-shirt design entries that we have received are popular sayings among the fans, including from me. What is your favorite quote?   Also, we still have two and a half weeks for you to submit your t-shirt design in our contest, but don’t forget about it, or else the end of the […]

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T-Shirts and Trivia

More t-shirt entries have been coming in! We posted many on our contest page, but many are posted on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest via the hashtag #NancyDrewFashion. That’s how you can look them up. (If you sent in an entry via email, don’t worry if you don’t see it posted right away. We are […]

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Summer Art and T-shirts

With the t-shirt contest happening now, and summer is here, our fans have had time to work on some awesome artwork! Check out some of the t-shirts we are showing off on the contest page: Also, fan Kristen was inspired by our character avatars to design herself and her boyfriend. What do you think? Do they look […]

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Drinkware, Tesla and Weekend Puzzle #280

Happy 159th birthday, Nikola Tesla! We are celebrating his birthday with a sale on The Deadly Device since that game surrounds Tesla and his history. I think I shall go home and play this game again for this reason. 😉 We also have a new sale in the merchandise store! All drinkware is on sale […]

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Our Awesome Fans + TBT!

We uploaded this video acknowledging how awesome our fans are on social media, check this out to see if you were highlighted! Also, today’s Throwback Thursday sale features Secret of the Scarlet Hand! In case you haven’t played it, you can purchase the digital download today for 50% off using promo code SSH50. We have a […]

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The Excitement of a Hidden Room

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today from Tomb of the Lost Queen: One of my favorite parts of playing a Nancy Drew game is the excitement of discovering a secret passage, or a locked room. It is thrilling to open up access to a place where so many secrets can be locked away and […]

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Articles and Fan Art

Another great article was written about Nancy Drew! I couldn’t have said any of this better, check it out here! Also, we received an awesome piece of fan art by Rachel! So cool and classic! By the way, have you started your t-shirt design to enter into the contest? -Little Jackalope

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Videos and Contest Updates

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend! I celebrated Independence day at the beach. 🙂 We have had some great entries come in so far for the Nancy Drew T-shirt Design Contest. (Return to the contest page later to see some sample entries that will be posted there.) Our Marketing Intern, Ellie, uploaded a new […]

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Independence Day Weekend!

Happy early fourth of July everyone! This weekend we celebrate our freedom in the USA as a country on it’s own, no longer under another country’s rule. Freedom for speech, to have and practice our own beliefs, to travel throughout the country without worrying about checkpoints, and the list goes on! I am personally thankful […]

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T-Shirt Design Contest!

Hey all! We have an awesome contest going on starting today! The best t-shirt design will be chosen to go into our merchandise store. Check out all the details and learn more here. We have a birthday to celebrate today: -Little Jackalope

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