Drinkware, Tesla and Weekend Puzzle #280

Happy 159th birthday, Nikola Tesla! We are celebrating his birthday with a sale on The Deadly Device since that game surrounds Tesla and his history. I think I shall go home and play this game again for this reason. 😉


We also have a new sale in the merchandise store! All drinkware is on sale for 25% off this month! Now you can get a Her Interactive mug, Koko Kringle travel mug, and a fun magic mug or water bottle of your choice for 25% less than normal pricing.


Our marketing intern, Ellie, talks about Women Writers in this YouTube video. Check it out!

As for the weekend puzzle… enjoy!


-Little Jackalope

7 responses to “Drinkware, Tesla and Weekend Puzzle #280”

  1. Daniel says:

    i got “the witch tree symbol”

  2. Will says:

    That’s really awesome because I just bought that book the other day because I thought it sounded like MID and thought it could be based on that! I’m super pumped to read it now! 😀

  3. Charisma says:

    The solution is “The Witch Tree Symbol”

  4. Oleg Veselov says:

    “The symbol tree witch”

  5. Oleg Veselov says:

    “The witch tree symbo”* (Book)

  6. Crazy ND fan says:

    The answer is: The witch tree symbol.

  7. felicity18 says:

    The answer to the weekend puzzle is: The witch tree symbol.


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