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10 to Adult
Retail Release Oct. 14, 2014

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Nancy Drew®: Labyrinth of Lies

Thread Your Way Through a Maze of Deceit in this Epic Greek Drama!

A museum curator hires you to assist with the most anticipated event of the year, but artifacts from the exhibit are mysteriously disappearing. Are these mishaps connected to the amphitheater’s upcoming performance? Or is an unseen villain pulling strings behind the scenes? Uncover the truth and recover the missing artifacts from the Labyrinth of Lies!


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"Overall, the word for this game is “refreshing.” It feels like a new entry in this series and doesn’t rely on old or overused tropes. While some parts of it don’t quite satisfy, I had enough fun with it to play it twice. I call that an all-around good case!" -- Killeen Daily Herald

"Overall, I have greatly enjoyed playing Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies. My favorite part of Nancy Drew games has always been solving the games' many clever puzzles—Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies has those in abundance. The only downsides are the lack of support for widescreen resolutions and a somewhat unlikable cast of characters (though the hilarious phone dialogs with Frank and Joe Hardy make up for much of it). Still, I recommend this game to all fans of the series as well as newcomers thinking of trying the series out for the first time." -- Adventure Classic Gaming

"Overall, this was a solid addition to the Nancy Drew series. Diehard fans will be relieved to see some recurring problems get addressed, and casual players will enjoy the variety of puzzles and the characters that make this engine churn. If you’re a Greek history nut looking for an authentic experience of the country, Labyrinth of Lies probably isn’t for you, but it’s a good way to dip your toe in the water. This game won’t become the stuff of myths, but it’s a worthy diversion." -- Just Adventure

"Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies is a pleasant mystery adventure game. Featuring clever puzzles and a wealth of information, this is a game that appeals to an audience of all ages. You can get a digital copy of the game direct from Her Interactive at their website. Rated 4/5 stars." --

"As a long-time Nancy Drew computer game nerd, I can say that this game was absolutely worth the twenty-dollar cost. “The Labyrinth of Lies” definitely redeemed Nancy Drew for me, because the past few games haven’t been as good as they have in the past. “The Labyrinth of Lies” is available online at Her Interactive." -- The Campus Herald, Johnson & Wales University

" If you’re a fan of puzzle-solving and educational research into another exotic culture, you won’t mind getting lost for a while in Nancy’s Greek adventure."  -- AdventureGamers

"I eagerly dove into this title and, 10 straight hours later, came up for air with the satisfaction of a mystery well and truly solved.  Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies is a game that cannot be missed by any fan of either the franchise, adventure games, or simply of a good mystery." -- Computer Times

"Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies on the PC/MAC is the thirty-first first person perspective game from Her Interactive. They are churning these games out about as fast as paper back books come out!" -- Family Friendly Gaming

"Labyrinth of Lies is definitely an improvement over the previous Nancy Drew game (The Shattered Medallion), had several interesting puzzles, and an amusing Hades-style basement area. The game also gets extra credit (from me) for Thanos' performance." -- GameBoomers

"Her Interactive has done a great job with the 31st game of the Nancy Drew franchise. This game still has the renowned elements but has quite some new things as well. The graphics are superb but the music could be better. The voice acting and sound effects make up for that though. The story will keep you busy and makes you wonder who is the culprit. If you want to play a great point and click detective game, this game might be a good idea." -- 3rd Strike

"Are these mishaps connected to the amphitheater's upcoming performance? Or is an unseen villain pulling strings behind the scenes? Uncover the truth and recover the missing artifacts from the Labyrinth of Lies!" -- San Diego Family Magazine

"If you are new to Nancy Drew games – it is a point and click adventure. You are offered two modes of play, Amateur or Master Sleuth. Amateur provides hints and a task list showing what still needs to be done - a subtle assist in itself. I wonder why it took Her Interactive so long to get into the Greek scene – it is so rich in stories, places, characters. Plenty to to see here – worth another adventure." -- Games4Women

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Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies
Average rating:  
 74 reviews
 by Yasmin
Labyrinth of Lies

Im not a Professional but I like to give my honest review for new players. If you love greek mythology like me this is for you because you have a lot of greek mythology in this game. It dose get a little bit tricky. I found some of the mini games a bit to hard for me so I had to use help from the trusty internet. While they put on a show you have to make sure the person trying ruining the show doesn't destroy it. But who you think is innocent have some secrets. I do recommend this game for my Percy Jackson and mythology lovers.

 by J.
Exciting and Fun

I really enjoyed this game! You keep finding more and more places to explore, which keep things exciting. It is true that the Underworld set is unrealistic, but it's still fun to explore. There are a lot of things for you to do in the game, so there aren't times when you feel stuck and have no clue what to do next. The task list and in-game hints are very helpful when you are feeling stuck. I enjoy the ND games where you are snooping and also doing other tasks for your cover: in this game, you are uncovering who is behind the goings-on while also playing museum assistant and doing tasks for the curator. I think this game was well-thought through, and some parts of the mystery were unlike anything we've seen before in an ND game. Also... shout out to my man, Grigor!

 by Megan
Pretty good

This game has one of my favorite soundtracks, and I love the characters! The backstage sets are pretty ridiculous though and it made the whole game kind of unrealistic. I would still recommend it, but it's not one of my favorites.

 by Cassie Lovebrooks
Great game

loved it but I thought it was way too short. I'm excited for the next game though! Go ND!

 by J Blair
Loved the sets!

After reading some of the reviews for this game, I was hesitant to buy this game. I just finished it, however, and am so glad I played it. The puzzles were innovative, I appreciated the history involved in the story line and the characters were fun to talk to (I loved Grigor's sarcastic sense of humor). But, my absolute favorite part of this game was the underworld set. It was creepy and had a lot of elements that made it fun to explore.

 by Kenna
Great Game

The puzzles were fun and it was a well rounded game overall.It was truly a blast! I would recommend this to anybody looking for a fun mysterious game to play!

 by Brianna
Disappointing and Dull

My sister and I have always been big fans of the ND game series and have been playing them since the very beginning. It is a great bonding time for us to figure out the puzzle and get lost in the story.

Sadly the Labyrinth of Lies just left something to be desired. A lot, in fact. It felt boring. It was missing that thrill that so many other ND games have. The puzzles were challenging, yes, but tedious to a point. It was no longer fun, every two steps was another puzzle that reaped limited rewards, unlike other games where it is clues, something that can make your spine tingle as you try and put the pieces together.

It was obvious early on what they were doing, so painfully clear that it was upsetting when it took us till the near end of the game for Nancy to figure it out. The story had potential, but it didn't live up to it.

Greek Mythology is my favorite and I was so excited to see a game based arround it, but it was dull. Though the characters, like Grigor, were interesting, it lacked atmosphere. I was not interested in the story after about 20 minutes into the game, and when there is no story the puzzles become just a hassle to get through.

The game is great if story isn't your drive, and the puzzles are challenging which can attract others. But for me? It was my least favorite game so far. Limited action. Limited reward. Limited story. Limited... everything.

 by Kayla
A blast

I LOVE Nancy Drew games and eagerly wait for the new one to be released. 🙂 Unfortunately, I fell a year behind due a very busy schedule. Luckily, I spent my vacation catching up and I had a great time. I love that I got to travel to Greece in my PJ's and learn more about Greek mythology. I loved listening to the player and envisioning the play. I just wished I got to see them really perform Persephone's Winter. I thought the ending was great. I enjoyed all the other endings, but it shook things up. The stage sets were gorgeous!! I loved that Nancy was solving a mystery (art forgery) while maintaining her cover by completing museum related tasks. This reminded me of some other great Nancy Drew games where I was balancing the workload of solving a mystery and completed to task to maintain your cover. Grigor was my favorite character. He was hilarious and full of facial features. Installing # 32 as I am filling this out. Can't wait to enjoy that game and I can't wait to see where we will travel to in the future Nancy Drew Games. Keep up the good work!!

 by Kit
Amazing, amazing writing

I have to admit I don't understand negative reviews of this game; it's easily one of my favorites in the series. While I also enjoy the creepier ND games, LIE provides: well-rounded characters and plot, beautiful art design, calming music, and a chance to learn about art history. The way Niobe discusses art brought me to tears at times; the sets were beautiful to explore with puzzles that felt intuitive. If you're interested in the arts--theater, art history, writing, etc.--you will enjoy this entry more than others. I know I will play this again and again. I hope the writer knows they knocked it out of the park with this one.

 by Hannah
I think I met my new fave game!

This game was absolutely perfect! The story and the characters were great and there were a ton of twists and turns that kept you hooked to the game. I loved most of the puzzles (was not a fan of the ticket one) and the seed one at the end was really fun! I was surprised as it looked too hard for me but it challenged some of my other favorite puzzles. The ending was great, and overall I just loved this game. My one complaint was that it was a bit too short, but that's easy to overlook because i'm sure i'll play it 5 times or more.

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ESRB Rating:





10 to Adult


Retail Release Oct. 14, 2014

Operating System:

Windows® Vista/7/8/10/11

Mac OS X: 10.6.8 Snow Leopard/10.7 Lion/10.8 Mountain Lion/10.9 Mavericks/10.10 Yosemite/10.11 El Capitan/10.12 Sierra/High Sierra.

NOTE: Will NOT run on Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, or higher Mac operating systems

Windows Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1.5 GHz or greater Pentium 4 CPU or equivalent class
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 3GB or more hard drive space
  • 128 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
  • 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card
  • 4x DVD drive
  • Mouse and speakers

Mac Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1.5 GHz or greater Intel processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3 GB or more hard drive space
  • Intel GMA X3100, ATI X1600, NVIDIA 7300 graphics card or better
  • 4x DVD drive
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet connection the first time the game is launched
  • This game will NOT run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems (PowerMac)
  • macOS Operating System 10.13 High Sierra or prior
  • Organize Greek Displays and Exhibits! Fill in for the museum curator and assemble exhibits before the grand opening
  • Use Stagecraft Expertise to Survive Backstage! Sneak behind the curtains to explore the treacherous underworld stage sets
  • Experience the World of Ancient Greece! Solve challenging puzzles based on actual Greek myths and artwork
  • The Hardy Boys are On the Line! Use your in-game mobile phone to hear potentially lifesaving tips from Frank and Joe
  • Select Difficulty Levels! Play at Amateur or Master Sleuth level and erase any mistakes without starting over
  • Study Greek gods and symbols
  • Log artifact provenance
  • Translate Greek letters and symbols
  • Use a spectroscope to identify fake gems

Game Characteristics

  • Point & Click Gameplay
  • Mystery Adventure Genre
  • Interactive Storyline
  • Strong Female Protagonist
  • Rich and Intriguing Characters
  • Single Player Game
  • First Person POV
  • Subtle Hints System
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Environments
  • Detective Investigation
  • Immersive Controls
  • Realistic Settings


Xenia Doukas

Playing the lead role in the performance of Persephone in Winter, Xenia is a talented actress who is also the show’s director. She keeps busy with her work on the play, but is her sweet personality and demanding workload blinding Xenia from what’s truly going on behind the scenes? Or is her obsession with being a great actress masking her true intentions?

Xenia Doukas, talented actress and director

Niobe Papadaki

Niobe plays the role of Demeter, Persephone’s mother, but is also the show’s prop and stage artist. She has a strong interest in the museum’s artifacts and is referencing the pieces for onstage props and design.  Terrified of being onstage, Niobe tends to keep to herself and focus on her work. But has Niobe been observing more than just artwork? Could she possibly shed some light on her other observations at the museum?

Niobe Papadaki, prop master and stage artist

Thanos Ganas

Hades, Greek god of the underworld, is large and intimidating, much like the actor who portrays him. Thanos lingers under the set, keeping an eye on all the stage hydraulics and making sure that the sets are working properly. He doesn’t like you snooping under the stage and is very protective of the set. Is there more to reveal in the underworld than Thanos is letting on?

Thanos Ganas, protector of the underworld

Grigor Karakinos

Cast as Hermes the Messenger, Grigor is also the stage manager and technician for the play. He works backstage with the lights, lifts, and other various stage assets. Charming and talkative, Grigor seems to know everyone and everything that’s going on. He may be helpful for picking up interesting information, but is he holding anything back?

Grigor Karakinos, stage manager and technician

Melina Rosi

The curator of the museum, Melina Rosi, has called you in to assist with the exhibit in time for the grand opening and upcoming play. Her museum staff are mysteriously abandoning their roles.  However, Melina is undeterred and will do whatever it takes to hunt down the truth.  No one is closer to the artifacts than Melina, but could she be hiding her true involvement in the missing exhibit pieces?

Melina Rosi, museum curator

Frank & Joe Hardy

Returning as phone contacts, the Hardy Boys are available to help you with your case. They can provide vital information regarding Greek myths and can shed additional light on the actors and the museum.

Frank and Joe Hardy, trusty mystery solving friends

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