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#06 Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand


Game Story

Nancy Drew®: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Expose Buried Secrets and Catch a Thief Red-handed!

Between cases, Nancy Drew has taken an internship as Deputy Curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington, D.C. Nancy soon discovers she will be doing more than learning about ancient Mayan artifacts – there have been a series of thefts and the only clue left behind is a mysterious scarlet handprint! Will Nancy be able to put the pieces of this ancient puzzle together? Or will the mystery remain entombed forever in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand?

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Game Features

  • Learn about the Mayan civilization and its culture
  • Take on the role of a deputy curator for a prestigious museum
  • Ride the subway and visit sites around Washington D.C.
  • Choose from junior or senior detective difficulty levels
  • Operate a HAM radio
  • Analyze chemicals

Game Characteristics


  • Point & Click Gameplay
  • Mystery Adventure Genre
  • Interactive Storyline
  • Strong Female Protagonist
  • Rich and Intriguing Characters
  • Single Player Game
  • First Person POV
  • Subtle Hints System
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Environments
  • Detective Investigation
  • Immersive Controls
  • Realistic Settings


Available On



Nancy Drew: Windows Physical Copy








ESRB Rating:







10 to Adult



Retail Release June 2002


Operating System:

Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10


Additional installation instructions may be required for Windows Vista/7. Click here for more information.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • 200 MHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 160MB or more of hard drive space
  • 16-Bit DirectX 7.0 compatible graphics video card
  • 16-Bit DirectX 7.0 compatible stereo sound card
  • 8X CD-ROM drive, mouse, and speakers






Game Assets

“From start to finish, this is a dandy of a game. Lovers of adventure games who’ve maybe stayed away from this series because they think these games are “for kids” might want to take this opportunity to check out what HerInteractive is doing. This isn’t just an excellent Nancy Drew game, it’s an excellent adventure game, period.” ~Just Adventure


“I would recommend this to anyone who wants a challenging mystery and isn’t afraid of the unexpected.” ~PC GameZone


“It is clear from talking to Emily that she enjoyed this game as much as the others, although in a slightly different way… As she indicated above, its differences were such that she wasn’t able to compare it to the others in terms of how much she liked it – when I asked that question she responded “it wasn’t better or worse, it was different”. She is already looking forward to the next one, so Her Interactive must continue to be pleased with their product. ~Metzomagic

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Average rating:  
 15 reviews
a great game AND a great history lesson!!

I LOVED learning all about Mayan culture and working in a museum in this game! The characters were so cool and the giant temple filled with games was awesome! I replay all the time! 😀

Magnificent Maya

Nancy is working as an assistant curator at Beech Hill Museum when someone steals a valuable jade carving, and Nancy discovers jade carvings have been stolen from other places too! Nancy Drew is on the case of an ancient Maya Secret!

There are so many things to love about this game, This is the first "appearance" of Sonny June, Koko Kringles, and Prudence Rutherford. The characters are are intriguing and delving into the ancient secrets is really cool. We get to play games based on ancient Maya life. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do next in this game. You have to wait around for phone calls and items to show up, which can take a while and be frustrating at times and some of the games get irritating too. I always thought this was one of the harder games to play. Not a good choice if it's your first Nancy Drew game, but it's great if you know what you're doing.


This is a fun classic Nancy Drew game.... I recommend this Nancy Drew game for beginning Sleuthers. This is a keeper! Enjoy!:)

Informative and fun

Lots of facts to learn, fun puzzles, engaging storyline and interesting character personalities. One of my favorites!


Me and my cousin Bella spend long sleepovers playing every Nancy Drew game there is. The Secret of the Scarlet Hand is one we have enjoyed since we were very young. It provides an intriguing mystery and is informative. One of my favorite parts of the game is that Nancy rides the metro rail to travel between the museum, the embassy, and the hotel. Figuring out the metro map turned out to be helpful in future Nancy Drew games such as Danger by Design, and in life! On my recent trip to Europe everyone was confused at first by the metro map, but not me! Thank you Nancy Drew!!!!

History in the game

Not only is Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand a great game to entertain and exercise the mind, it also is a great way to learn more of the Mayan people and culture! I am constantly impressing my mom with a wide variety of fact and when she asks me where I learned it I always say, "from a Nancy Drew game!" I love these games sooo much!


This game is BY FAR the most fun Nancy Drew game i've ever played, i love the theme , i love the game play, i love the puzzles and the art. this game is just perfect for people starting out as it's not too challenging but still leaves you wanting more. The historical theme of this game is amazing and i loved learning about ancient Maya and it's people. this game is a great game and will be my favorite for a long time and is worth a buy if you've got a few dollars lying around.

Cultural Learning is Fun!

I loved this game so much because of the culture you learn about. This game really got me interested in the Mayan Culture.


Really fun with lots of puzzles! There was a good range of difficulty in the puzzles as well.

Educational and Thrilling

I've never learned more from a game or had as much fun playing one. The information about the Maya is well-integrated and adds richness and texture to one of Nancy's most riveting crimes yet, a look into the seedy underbelly of the art world. The puzzles are top-notch and the characters are memorable and funny. This game is a classic!

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Alejandro del Rio

Alejandro passionately believes that all artifacts should be returned to the country they were found, especially when it comes to his home country, Mexico. He believes that Mexico has been ‘robbed’ of one of its greatest artifacts, and given his methods, it would not be surprising if he stole the Pacal stone and returned it to its homeland.


Alejandro del Rio, passionate about the Mayan artifacts



Henrik van der Hune

An expert in glyph translations, Henrik works in the museum’s lab studying priceless artifacts. Perhaps he learned something in his translations and then stole the Pacal stone to keep others from learning it secrets?


Henrik van der Hune, expert in glyph translations



Joanna Riggs

The curator of the museum, Joanna doesn’t have time for an amateur detective snooping around. Especially ones that snoop around and find out that she could be selling legendary artifacts on the black market.


Joanna Riggs, museum curator



Taylor Sinclair

Taylor sells priceless paintings to the museum the same way shady car salesmen sell used cars. He might not know much about artifacts, but he sure knows people who are willing to buy them to fix a fiasco, if the price is right.


Taylor Sinclair, sells priceless paintings






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