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#18 Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

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10 to Adult
Retail Release July 2008

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Nancy Drew®: The Phantom of Venice

Infiltrate a Carnevale of Criminals in Italy! Somewhere beyond the bright piazzas and open markets of the Venice Carnevale lurks a masked thief. Despite months of investigations, the Italian police remain helpless as stolen treasures vanish in the night. That’s why the authorities asked you, as detective Nancy Drew, to join the case to infiltrate a dangerous crime syndicate and catch this phantom thief before he or she destroys the heart of Venice in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice!

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“Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is a strong addition to the teenage sleuth’s catalogue of mystery games. If you’re new to the series, you may think it a better choice for your daughter than yourself, but the story is mature enough and the puzzles sufficiently challenging that adult players will find it at least as entertaining as their children. If you’re on the hunt for a fun and stimulating point-and-click adventure, look no further. “ ~Gamezebo

“It's clear that the people at Her Interactive love making these games - and as a result, it's hard for the player not to love them, too.” ~Just Adventure

“Her Interactive's Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is a wonderful game that is well worth the attention and dollars of anyone even remotely interested in modern point-and-click adventures. As I have said time and time again, do not be confused into thinking this and other Nancy Drew games are only good for children and young teens. They are quality entertainment for anyone who enjoys adventuring and puzzle solving. This latest installment is among the best of the bunch, and anyone who has been missing out on this great series must consider picking it up.” ~Adventure Classic Gaming

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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice
Average rating:  
 27 reviews
 by Cate
Phantom of venice

this game was pretty good except Punchy larue…. just weird I don't think Nancy would ever do that. Clothes shopping is fun and dressing Nancy soo weird and wondering why no one notices. I like how you could explore so much. the music just had that lonely atmosphere but it was still good. didn't really like the ending though. and kept getting lost in the sewer I had to see a video to finish that. didn't like the beginning either but most things in the middle were really good. I like spying on people and hiding 🙂

 by E
Phantom of Venice

I was happy that this game took more time to solve than others. The amount of sleuthing is well balanced with the amount of puzzles and the games (Scopa) were a lot of fun!
Good story line too.

 by Jillian Laura Mathews
Phantom of Venice

When I first got this game, I used to have my brother help me with the scopa parts and he used to be so mad at it all the time whenever Enrico is beating him but now that I'm older I'm pretty good at it on my own now! This game is fantastic!!!!

 by Elizabeth
5 stars

This is probably my favorite Nancy Drew game so far. The puzzles may be too hard for young detectives. I am 21, and I was still confused by some. The game has beautiful scenery, and you get to learn some Italian! I liked being able to go into the different shops. In this game, Nancy can change outfits. I would have liked more options.

 by Storm
A favorite

Loved everything about this game! The Italian setting, the crafty characters, so much to explore! Scopa is the best mini game out there, AND you get to play with a criminal. This one is a must-play!

 by Sarah
Very Different From Others in the Series

I have played many, many, many Nancy Drew games in this series and I have to say that this one is very different from any of the other others that I have played. It is more "spy-ish" than "detective-ish." The puzzles were very difficult and tedious and I sometimes had a hard time following the story line (which was far-fetched, even for a ND game). I honestly thought about just quitting on the next to last puzzle (which I had to play probably hundreds of times before I got through). The scenery was beautiful, but in my opinion that alone is not enough to make for everything else.

If you're looking for a more "spy-type" game (with lots of hard puzzles) as opposed to a "detective-type" game, this game is for you, if not, steer clear of this one!

 by Angela
On the 'fence'

I must say this before I say anything else. Thank goodness we did not have to talk to Prudence more than a few times in the game. She sounded like a cross between Mickey Mouse and Julia Child. Nails on a chalkboard ... it was truly one of the more horrifying Nancy Drew moments. Okay, now I can get on with the review.

Graphics were beautiful. No matter how old or new the ND game is, the graphics always amaze me. The addition of the gondola singers was awesome (as long as you paid for the good one and not the little 1 euro guy...OUCH). It ended up being a very expensive habit, but it was well worth it. Which brings me to the next part. Money, money, money.... we all need it to live, and you definitely need it to do almost anything extra in this game. However, HI knew that shopaholics would be playing this game, and provided many ways for one to earn money to buy everything that had a price tag.

1. Selling flowers: OHEMGEE... if you really love to torture yourself, then this is the perfect game for you. After the second run through to obtain flowers to sell, I reloaded the game, and left the bees to themselves and Mrs. Hoidy Toidy on the roof.

2. Picking up garbage: Well if there wasn't an achievement for this one, I would not have bothered to click on every little piece of trash in every location I visited. Granted, it was a lot easier than battling the resurrecting bees.

3. I guess we will call this dancing: Oh goody! Nancy can try out for this dancing thing! I just have to click on the correct buttons and ... MONEY! Wait.. what is Nancy doing? Is she Catwoman? Punchy? What? Of course, for as weird as the whole thing was, if you got a rave review on the dance, that was some serious money added to that little wallet. Okay, I can overlook the absolute weirdness (maybe it would not have been so weird if I didn't find it until I was supposed to, but I found it really early in the game).

Next up: Thank you for getting me hopelessly addicted to Scopa! So what if I had to talk to some guy in a weird mask and clown suit to play. It was totally worth it. Out of every game I have played in the ND series, this one has taken the #1 spot (sorry Raid). I wish I could be that excited about the puzzles. For the most part, the puzzles were challenging (which is a good thing!!). But some puzzles in there made me wish this game had a 'big red button' so I could just blow through it and be done. However, I know that there is no such thing as 'skip' in this game (no matter how frustrating, I still appreciate the fact that they want you to play the game instead of skip through it). Most frustrating puzzle: getting to the safe house. I am surprised that any of the bad guys could make it there without having a rage meltdown. I know I sure did. I ended up having to consult Youtube to see how to get across the sewers and not go insane. Lock picking wasn't hard or easy.. just tedious.

I can see how some people could get lost in this game. There were some points where I really felt like I was standing there looking like a tourist.... totally lost. Thank goodness for that checklist I like to forget about (that usually put me right back on track).

Overall this game is actually really good. It's not my favorite ND game, but if you love a challenge, and you LOVE puzzles, and games (no matter how weird or not...BEE HATE!), I totally recommend this game. Oh, and don't forget to make phone calls to Ned. He is stuck with Joe Hardy, and needless to say it was hilarious (well probably not to Ned since it was his car Joe was messing with).

 by Miri
Gondolas, Gelato and Gangsters!

Nancy is working undercover in Venice, The Phantom, a thief, has been stealing valuable pieces of art, but the police believe he is part of a ring of criminals, and someone at the Ca where Nancy is staying is involved, it's up to Nancy to discover who.

Explore Venice, eat gelato, buy costumes, dance for spending money, play Scopa with a criminal, spy on suspects, intercept coded messages. The music and graphics are wonderful. You can ride on the gondolas and hear songs sung in Italian. Bonus, Prudence Rutherford returns as a phone friend in this game.

 by jenn
Not really worth it to me

My least favorite ND game by far. I have been playing since a young age. I have seen the best and worst . This is truly the worst i have played. The puzzles are difficult and plenty.The story line has gaps and is very short. The scenery and theme is cool . But overall i was disappointed .

I expected more out of this game. But if you are a true nd fan you probably cant resist trying a new one but i strongly do not recommend it.

 by St.Susan

The Phantom of Venice is such a fantastic game!

Nancy Drew traveling to Italy, learning some Italian, eating Gelato, and going undercover to solve a mystery - what more could a sleuth want?

-The Plot -

Nancy Drew has to investigate thefts taking place in Venice, Italy, and needs to go undercover to solve the mystery!

-The Characters-

The characters have great charisma and great dialogue throughout the game.

-The Graphics-

The graphics are not the latest, but the characters are lifelike for the most part.


Very easy to maneuver from place to place. I had no issues with the gameplay. This was the first Nancy Drew game I have ever played, so it was a new experience for me but I caught on quickly. The tasklist and Nancy's comments are most helpful when stuck on a puzzle.

The Phantom of Venice was a great game and I enjoyed every moment of it!

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ESRB Rating:





10 to Adult


Retail Release July 2008

Operating System:

Windows® XP/Vista/7/10

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1 GHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 1 GB or more of hard drive space
  • 32 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
  • 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card
  • 24X CD-ROM drive, mouse, and speakers
  • Master Italian as you dig for clues
  • Create a fashion statement or a new disguise
  • Deal out the fun in the Italian card game Scopa
  • Learn the Italian language
  • Experience Venetian culture
  • Use logical thinking with a tunnels puzzle
  • Choose from junior or senior detective difficulty levels

Game Characteristics

  • Point & Click Gameplay
  • Mystery Adventure Genre
  • Interactive Storyline
  • Strong Female Protagonist
  • Rich and Intriguing Characters
  • Single Player Game
  • First Person POV
  • Subtle Hints System
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Environments
  • Detective Investigation
  • Immersive Controls
  • Realistic Settings

Colin Baxter

Colin is restoring the Ca’Nascosta for very little money, even though he’s one of the best in his field. He claims to love art and works for near nothing because it is his passion. His job allows him to gain access to valuable artifacts – would he steal the treasures and sell them on the black market?

Colin Baxter, art fanatic

La Contessa Margherita Fauberg

Recently widowed, Margherita purchased the Ca’Nascosta to cement her status as a Venetian socialite. Her spending habits may have caused her to fall upon hard times. Would she do anything to stay in her circle of wealthy friends – including the theft and sale of priceless artifacts?

Margherita Fauberg, Venetian socialite

Helena Berg

Helena specializes in reporting high profile crimes. Ambitious and calculating, Helena is extremely knowledgeable about the failures and successes of crime rings, but is she telling everything she knows, or does she have her own agenda?

Helena Berg, high profile crime reporter

Enrico Tazza

Originally a guard for stolen goods, Enrico runs a private club called the Casa dei Giochi, but is it just a front for another crime ring? After all, he has the connections and the knowledge to steal the artifacts, so what’s stopping him?

Enrico Tazza, private club owner

Antonio Fango

The prime suspect in the case, Mr. Fango installed modern conveniences for the houses where priceless artifacts were stolen. Unfortunately, authorities have no evidence against him. Is he committing crimes so perfectly that no clues are left behind?

Antonio Fango, prime suspect

#18 Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

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