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#03 Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion




Game Story

Nancy Drew®: Message in a Haunted Mansion

Discover who — or what — is behind the mysterious accidents in a house full of secrets!
Nancy Drew is invited, by a friend, to San Francisco to assist in the renovation of a Victorian mansion. But there are other uninvited guests, visitors from the past–spirits who want the place all to themselves. Nancy suspects that there is another force at work: greed. In a house full of trap doors and secret tunnels, breaking glass and suspicious fires, one misstep and Nancy won’t stand a ghost of a chance in Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion!

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Game Features

  • Learn to identify Chinese characters known as “hanzi”
  • Discover the source and motivations behind the ghostly hauntings
  • Help renovate an historic Victorian mansion
  • Choose from junior or senior detective difficulty levels

Game Characteristics


  • Point & Click Gameplay
  • Mystery Adventure Genre
  • Interactive Storyline
  • Strong Female Protagonist
  • Rich and Intriguing Characters
  • Single Player Game
  • First Person POV
  • Subtle Hints System
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Environments
  • Detective Investigation
  • Immersive Controls
  • Realistic Settings


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ESRB Rating:







10 to Adult



Retail Release November 2000


Operating System:

Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10


Additional installation instructions may be required for Windows Vista/7. Click here for more information.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • 166 MHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 135MB or more of hard drive space
  • 16-Bit DirectX 7.0 compatible graphics video card
  • 16-Bit DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card
  • 8X CD-ROM drive, mouse, and speakers






Game Assets

“I found Message In a Haunted Mansion to be much better than its predecessors — it is a delightful game and one that I highly recommend for the entire family. The ease of gameplay, clean and simple interface, the strength of the plot, the interesting scenery and choice of difficulty levels all contributed to my overall rating.” ~Universal Hint System

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“Ever since their games first came to my attention, I have been a staunch admirer of Her Interactive. I really like the fact that they design games for girls (that everyone can enjoy), with no stereotypes, no overt educational value, and absolute respect for girls’ intellectual abilities. A lofty goal to be sure, and well-met, but was Message in a Haunted Mansion actually fun? I think so! I had a great time playing it!” ~FourFatChicks

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“Message in a Haunted Mansion scores especially high in the area of personal identification. Role playing is at the heart of the game. The user becomes Nancy, becomes an amateur sleuth, becomes the person peeking into suitcases and musty drawers.” ~ GirlsTech

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Average rating:  
 26 reviews
Best Nancy Drew

This is the best game in the series. The graphics are not good because it is an old game but the gameplay is phenomenal.

One of the Best

This was the first Nancy I ever played - my aunt introduced it to me during the holidays when i was a little girl. It got me hooked for life, and to this day remains one of my absolute favorites of all the games.


Easily one of the scariest games. I still can't play it alone. Amazing plot/backstory. I love Abby's character. Again, music is fabulous.

Top 5

I first played this game when I was 10 and it was and still will be in my top 5 list of favorite Nancy Drew games. It was creepy, the puzzles were challenging but fun, the characters were well thought out and the story was magical. I highly recommend this game!

Classic Nancy Drew

This game will forever be one of my favorite Nancy Drew games of all time. Being my first Nancy Drew game and my longest in length taken to win I'll always love this game.

This game offered the player spookiness and a fun mystery that made you actually think to buy it.

First got this game when I was 5 and it scared me half to death. Finished the game when I was 9 after I got over the scariness of it. Great game definitely worth the money. This game is definitely a Nancy Drew classic.

More Like This One, Please!

This one & "The Final Scene" are my two favorites. My sister and I would play them as kids and loved how creepy and challenging they were. I'm not as interested in the newer ones because they feel a bit more "kid-friendly." Obviously the games all are kid-friendly for good reason, and of course, playing it as a 10-year-old will feel different than playing it as a 24-year-old, but I can't see the newer games having something as creepy and "adult" as a seance scene, which is kind of a bummer.

I see you!

This was my first Nancy Drew game, I played back when it came out when I was 7 (man I'm old now). It has a great creepy atmosphere and made me jump when I went up the left staircase and heard that voice. I remember it scared me away for a couple days; definitely one of my all time favorites.

Nancy Drew Ghostbuster!

Nancy is staying with Rose, a friend of Hannah's, who is trying to open a Bed and Breakfast, but there has been one accident after another and Nancy suspects someone is up to no good.

Nancy and a haunted mansion, what's more classic than that? Spooky noises, scary shadows, mysterious phone calls, dead flowers, accidents, fires, secret attics, bandits, Chinese letters, secret rooms. This is a great Nancy Drew games, it only get four stars because there are some glitchy things because it's so old. Other than that, FABULOUS.

My favorite game

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion is my all-time favorite Nancy Drew game. It is a classic spooky game that made me jump! The story line is very intriguing and the characters are fun to talk to. I love this game mainly due to the pretty setting (an oriental mansion), the great spooky music and the fun sleuthing.

Game Review

While this game is a classic and has traditional Nancy Drew aspects, some features were not a favorite for me. The characters are fun, you're challenged by many puzzles, but the last puzzle was almost impossible to complete unless you paid very VERY good attention throughout the game. That really turned me off because by the end it's hard to go back and find what you missed. It's also very touchy and hard to make work on newer systems, which is expected from an old game. It's hard to navigate and it's very picky about how and where you click. The game isn't bad, but it's not one I will rave over.

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Abby Sideris

She met Rose Green in River Heights during a stint directing a school play and together they purchased the Victorian mansion. Abby has a fascination for the supernatural and believes the mansion is truly haunted. Is she trying to turn her beliefs into reality?


Abby Sideris, believer in haunted houses



Charlie Murphy

Charlie is working on the house renovations and secretly lives in the mansion’s hidden room. Affable, adorable, endearing and sincerely nice, is Charlie causing the delay in renovations so it will extend his job and free-of-charge stay?


Charlie Murphy, secretly living in the mansion




An antique dealer and Victorian era expert, Louis has agreed to consult with Rose on decoration in return for access to her library. However, he doesn’t seem to know as much as he says he does, so could he be causing the distractions?


Louis, antique dealer



Rose Green

A retired teacher who invested all of her savings into the Victorian mansion to convert it into a bed-and-breakfast. Is Rose starting to have second thoughts about the wisdom of her investments given the delayed schedule in renovating the house? Find out in this amazing adventure game!


Rose Green, mansion owner






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