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Joon in July

With only two weekends left this month, that is all the time we have left for our fans to take pictures of themselves with flat Sonny and post to our Facebook page (or email to us) to be entered into the contest here. I’ve already looked at all of the entries so far, and there […]

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The Middle of Summer Spying

I suppose if you have already played Ghost of Thornton Hall, as well as all of the other Nancy Drew mysteries (which games are you still missing?) there isn’t much else left to do this summer, right? Weeeell… you could always find a shady spot to rest and read a new Nancy Drew Diaries book […]

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Weekend Puzzle #203

Hooray for Fridays! Today we launched some new Nancy Drew merchandise in our store! Check these out: Now you can own an official Nancy Drew clock, as well as other collectibles like a trivet or pencil caddy. Pick the image you want for each item and add to your collection! Time for a weekend puzzle. […]

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Office Happenings in July

I have several things to share about what’s been going on at the office this week. Be warned: these following stories can be quite random. We have already begun testing puzzles in our next Nancy Drew game: The Silent Spy (SPY), the artists are working hard to finish up a good portion of the game […]

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Sonny Tries Gumbo

As some of you may know, I went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago, taking flat Sonny with me for several photo opportunities. If you are traveling around your hometown or far away, print out flat Sonny to take pictures with to post to our Facebook page! Learn more about the contest here. […]

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Summer Fun at Her Interactive

It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in forever! Technically only a week, as we enjoyed our Independence Day weekend out and about and families and friends. Although yesterday I got sick. Eh. Summer here at Her Interactive can be quite fun! We play hackysack together outside more often, ice cream trucks come […]

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July 4th Weekend: Games and Books!

Happy early Independence Day! We will be out of the office for the remainder of the week to observe this July 4th holiday. How are you going to spend it? I will be playing a few older games again at home. We have a sale going on in honor of this! Missing a game from […]

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World UFO Day

Did you know that today is World UFO Day? Sonny Joon is likely somewhere at an event or something enjoying today as a holiday. As for us, we are having a Facebook special in honor of this. Tomb of the Lost Queen mentions Sonny Joon and the convention of sorts he speaks at. His book […]

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Hot Weather = Great for Ice Cream!

Flat Sonny and I return to Washington from our trip to San Diego! (I’ll post some pictures later). Although temperature only stayed around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Washington surprised me with even hotter weather. It’s in the 90s here and we are certainly not used to this heat! Tomorrow the ice cream truck comes by, so […]

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