Forecast: Last Sonny Day

The Where’s Sonny? Contest is almost over! Tomorrow (Wednesday), July 31st is the last day to post your travel photos with Sonny to our Facebook page, and we have already seen lots of awesome photos so far.

Where have you gone with flat Sonny? I have been to the space needle in Seattle, the Woodland Park Zoo, as well as all over San Diego (even though I’m not entered into the contest). It looks like Sonny has really been all over the world! I’ve seen photos of fans posed with him in England, Russia, Australia, Scotland, Uganda, Indonesia, Bosnia, Italy, France, and of course, all over the U.S.A, just to name a few places. Boy, does Sonny sure know how to get around!

Oh! And the Sonny Joon art will be available in the merchandise store by the end of this week. 😉

~Little Jackalope~

3 responses to “Forecast: Last Sonny Day”

  1. ND's #1 fan says:

    Awesome! I’m going to email mine to you guys @ HeR tomorrow. (We went to the Kelton House! and since a while back you asked if I could send you a picture of me in my Secret of the Old Attic outfit, my where’s sonny entry will double as one since that’s what I was wearing, and yes i know that was really weird and sorry about that lol) XD
    LJ, I’m just curious, when are you going to pick the winners? Thursday? Friday? just wondering 🙂 thanks!

  2. Hannah says:

    Hey Little Jackalope,

    Today I visited and noticed the new tabs at the top of the website page. Very classy. BUT did you know if you view the tabs from they still appear the old way? AND get this, the links go to different pages! It’s like a puzzle in itself. I wonder if the person who manages the website is aware of that… o_O

    Our family didn’t enter the contest, even though we printed out Sonny because he must have gone on a trip before we could get a picture of him! He’s disappeared! I’m not kidding I can’t find him anywhere. And our printer’s not working… so that’s that. LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    My mom loves Nancy Drew, so could she have a birthday shout out on Friday, the 2nd? Could you say Happy Birthday Carolyn?

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