iSHA Released! Yee-haw!

Hiyo! Today is a very exciting day for us! Our new series Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries has finally released Shadow Ranch for the iPadTM, iPhone®, and iPod Touch®! The office is buzzing to keep everything in proper order and double-checking it all to see if everything works for this new game. We will have a little celebration today in honor of this (I heard rumors of cupcakes; I hope they will get red velvet with butter cream frosting).

Also, today we will be announcing some lucky contest winners, so keep your eyes pealed for further tidbits!

As for me, I’ll be playing the latest game build (my first testing round) and I’m excited to see a complete environment (it’s so unique)!! I might find the time to maybe possibly squeeze in some video uploading and art creating for a few websites…but I like the idea of spending a whole day testing a new game. We’ll see.

Office update: it was supposed to snow here, but the snow decided to bypass the office and is down pouring in nearby towns. It may or may not impact our work this week, we’ll just have to wait and see.
Office image: Our finished castle puzzle #2:
Props to you sleuths for solving last weekend’s puzzle (and shame on me for overlooking that the other day)!
Solution: [You need to count the words in the Shadow Ranch PC game’s page summary. The first number refers to the word, the second letter refers to the letter in that word.] Answer: [Dave or Ned].

~Little Jackalope~

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