Enjoying Yellow Chicks

Today was off to a rocky start, but our little experiment yesterday with the duck lamp inspired us to see what would happen to a yellow marshmallow chick, which cheered us up a little. Unfortunately, the duck lamp favors chicks over bunnies, and decided to let the chick live. The chick toasted, but didn’t melt. We then placed it into the microwave. See the before and after images:
Yep. We finally got the little guy to melt. This is now an Easter weekend tradition: figure out what we can do with marshmallow chicks.

Congrats to the super sleuths who worked hard all weekend to crack the tough weekend puzzle #100! Here’s how it is done:

First identify the three different codes used. They are:

~The [nautical flags] in Danger on Deception Island
~[Morse code], also found in Danger on Deception Island
~[Ancient Runes] found in Curse of Blackmoor Manor, see below for proper reference:

Second, decipher them and you will get the following clues (including additional notes):
Left Page says:
[~Begin with the sixth (first letter)
~Second should be eleventh
~A vowel is fifth
~Try first
~This one is sixth
~The end is third]

Right Page says:
[~Start over at six
~Hop to first (Now hop back two)
~Right to first
~Find the second
~Now to eighth
~Number six is final]

Third, these clues hint at numbers. So [count the letter in that sentence.]
Example: [“Begin with the sixth” means letter “w”. The hint meant it is the first letter in the overall answer.]

Once you have done this, you should get the following letters:
Left Page = [W L E T N E]
Right Page = [O P R I G R]
The methodical way to combine these was to start with the W and insert the second page letters between the first page letters.
Here’s your final answer: [Wolpertinger]
It is a rather scarry thing for a small creature like me.

Cake Design contest ends today! These are your last hours to send in entries, so be quick!
~Little Jackalope~

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    Aww Poor Peep!

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