Captive Curse is holding me captive.

That’s the excuse for a late post today. We’ve been super busy preparing for the pre-orders that begin tomorrow for The Captive Curse! Whoo-hoo! If you order early you will receive the special edition with extra bonus content. Yep, we are excited for it. This is how we celebrate: Cupcakes and dessert! Yum!

Congrats to all of the super sleuths who solved this weekend’s puzzle! Here’s how it’s done:
1. The first letters are the ones you want to work with (arrange)
2. The second set of letters represent [the abbreviations of weekdays in German]
2. Align the [weekdays in order] according to the last number.
You get: [Watch the hilarious extra outtakes!] Referring to the [special edition games]. Which are pretty fun and enjoyable, believe me. 😉

Until tomorrow!
~Little Jackalope~


One response to “Captive Curse is holding me captive.”

  1. Alie-oop says:

    I hate to be rude. But I never did like the outtakes from any of the games, even if some are funny. It gives me the impression that you guys plan the outtakes rather than Lani or the other cast members actually messing up. Which brings up a curious question. Do you guys plan the outtakes? Or does someone actually mess up and then ask Lani to say something during it?

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