Learning How to Make Forgeries!

I’m just teasing about the post title. I really mean that we are learning how to make copies on our new copy machine. See here:

~New copier on the right~

We are replacing our old machine on the left with that intimidating big one on the right, which is still wrapped up in the picture. It’s pretty big and a little complex-looking, but I intend to show it who’s boss and master it’s tricks. >.< I just hope it doesn’t sense fear…o.O

Looks like the weekend puzzle was solved right quick! Some of you found all of the correct words that fill in the blanks, which are from the tag lines of the games. Missing words: [

Island’s, Spin, Train, Who, Rein, Clues, Venture, Dark, Secrets, Find, Go, Lines]. The numbers are meant to [count the letters from the start of the full sentence].

The end answer should be this: [In the station]. Another puzzling answer, aye? Guess I will just have to be even sneakier with the next one. ~.^

~Little Jackalope~

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