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Little Jackalope Interview

Our Lead Tester decided that it was my turn to sit in the “hot seat” and be interviewed. She asked me all sorts of fun questions, so I hope you enjoy this new video as well as get a few clues to what I get to work on here at Her Interactive. Ta-da! XD Here […]

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Getting Ready for Ghosts!

I wish I could say that I’m caught up on the Scary Games Marathon, but I’m not. Tonight we finish up playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge (of which I got terribly distracted with trying to solve all of the puzzles from Rentaro…as well as playing Pachinko at the parlor over and over and over […]

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Halloween Video!

As hinted at earlier, I have been working on a little video (hence the late-night blog posts this past week!) With the help of several HI team members (and permission from a few others) we present this fun little video! How many references to the Nancy Drew games can you find and count? By the […]

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Video Blog and Weekend Puzzle #170

What a busy day! With The Deadly Device releasing into the wild, it has made for very fun, active-filled days! (Only 4 days left! Can I use enough exclamation marks in this post?!) First news: We interviewed our Director of Marketing, Jared! Read the interview now on the Dare to Play Blog here! Also, arglefumph […]

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Creating Videos

I’ve been busying away at our next Amateur Sleuth Blog video (there is a good chance it will be posted on Friday…but, we shall see!) And this one features an interview with a small celebrity here in our office. Hint: it is a guy. Who would you guess him to be? (~.^) Stay tuned for […]

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The Characters of The Deadly Device

There is too much excitement to mention and fit all in today’s blog title, so I chose the most important and fitting. XD Today we sent out a newsletter covering all of today’s updates (which I’m about to mention anyway). If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to our newsletters here.  There is still a […]

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Video Blog #01: The Deadly Device Pre-Orders

Today I posted my first video blog on our YouTube Channel, under the new playlist “Amateur Sleuth Blog”. It’s also available in HD, which you can watch as an option. This video is me pretty much giving you the low-down on this week’s news. Check it out! Also, check out the new poll on the […]

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Hmm…Videos? I think yes!

Today I’ve been working on collecting video clips and screenshots from The Deadly Device. These shots of me playing the game and interacting with the characters will be used for the official trailer that will be put together by one of our fantastic artists. Our Writer and Designer provided the narration by Nancy and offered […]

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Weekend Puzzle #123 + 3 Videos!

It’s Friday, and we have a few videos to share with you! Check them out! First of all, Phoenix interviewed Nancy Drew! Although since we don’t ever show Nancy Drew’s face in our games, all you see is Nancy’s silhouette. Take a listen: And then Phoenix got to interview the voice actress of Nancy Drew: […]

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“Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me!”

For those of you who subscribed to our YouTube Channel or noticed our post on our Facebook page or via Twitter…Phoenix uploaded an amazing new video called “Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me!” This time it’s a music video featuring her and I sporting *cough* super-incredible-skilled dance moves to an un-original song, but with original […]

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