Lego Nancy Drew!

Hey guys! If you like Nancy Drew and Legos… I recommend supporting this fan’s creative design. Andrew created this idea of the Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Lego set, and it’s really amazing! Check it out:

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Lego Set

To get Lego’s real attention into POSSIBLY making this set available in stores, we need to reach 10,000 supporters. All you have to do is sign up your free Lego Ideas account and then click on the Support button to cast your vote. Last night we reached over 100, which gained Andrew 365 more days to reach the next level of 1,000 supporters.

I would totally own this set! It would be the first Nancy Drew Lego set, and I can only imagine more Nancy Drew locations becoming sets in the future… but starting with the old Malone house is a great way to start! Will you support it? We are!! Click here to see more pictures and to support the project.

Today’s Travel Tuesday is a favorite of mine… It is one of my life goals to explore a real life ghost town like Nancy. (I almost did once, but the 2-mile hike was unbearable in the 95 degree heat, so we turned back.)

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Travel Tuesday

-Little Jackalope

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