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The Deadly Device Trailer!

For those who solved the last weekend puzzle correctly by matching up the left list items with the right (and then [adding up the pairs’ numbers to get a letter] to get your end answer) you would have known early that we were going to release the official trailer today for The Deadly Device! If […]

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Hmm…Videos? I think yes!

Today I’ve been working on collecting video clips and screenshots from The Deadly Device. These shots of me playing the game and interacting with the characters will be used for the official trailer that will be put together by one of our fantastic artists. Our Writer and Designer provided the narration by Nancy and offered […]

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Character Voices…and Dylan!

Looks like the weekend puzzle gave you a little challenge, and so far one person has cracked it. (Nice job!) I will give the rest of you another day to try it once more with this clue: [vertical, then horizontal]. From what I’ve heard so far, everyone’s interested in Dylan Carter from Tomb of the […]

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Tomb of the Lost Queen: Pre-orders Are Live!

It was a very exciting and busy morning today at the office! Pre-orders have gone live for Tomb of the Lost Queen and we have been scurrying to get all the last-minute touch-ups, testing and announcements done. We sent out a newsletter for this as well. Have you signed up for our newsletter on our […]

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Gearing up for TMB

Today has been a quiet Monday, and rather exciting since we are gearing up for the next round of revealing more Tomb of the Lost Queen official content. Last week was big, because as you may have noticed, we launched our page, including the screen shots section here. Here in the office, many of the […]

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Big Video Fans!

Last week some amazing fans of the Nancy Drew games posted a fun video trailer of Alibi in Ashes onto their YouTube Channel. We loved what they created and wanted to share it with you, so we interviewed them to get the inside scoop! Check out their interview below: ~~~ Her Interactive: Where are you […]

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The Latest Post + Official Trailer!!

…Literally! I think this is the latest time I’ve ever posted on the Amateur Sleuth Blog! (That should tell you how busy we have been). Let’s start with the weekend puzzle. (You solved it quick!) It was a Nonogram, like from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Once you color in all of the appropriate places […]

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Alibi in Ashes Teaser!!

This is what we’ve been working hard on last week: preparing for the Alibi in Ashes Teaser! The teaser is up on our website and also on our YouTube Channel (by the way, I suggest subscribing, it’s the fastest way of knowing we have a new video. The official trailer is currently being worked on […]

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